5 Hottest Wedding Photography Trends of 2014

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apprentice_wedding233.JPGIf your wedding is around the corner and you are wondering about your wedding photos, you should first remember that some of the hottest wedding photography trends have arisen newly or made their entry again, and if you want to be trendy while tying the knot regarding your wedding photos, you should adopt one of them. Visit Blue Martini photography to watch the examples of awesome wedding photos, which have caught literally every mood and feel of various wedding trends.

1. Social Media Wedding

One of the most popular wedding trends this year is to create a social media presence with websites, hashtags and guests’ comments and posts. Pinterest and Instagram are welcome. Usually a hashtag is well preset for the wedding and photos of the wedding party are captured well before the actual wedding day.

social media wedding

2. Unplugged Wedding Photography Trend

A trend quite opposite of the social media trend has been popular too and it is the unplugged wedding photos. Here the guests switch off their cell phones right at the door of the wedding venue. This is preferred by those couples who rarely want the interference of social media and desire a traditional simple event. Here the venue chosen often has natural beauty or some religious significance. This wedding is old-fashioned and has the unique charm of intimacy. If you are a traditional bride, this is a very good trend for your wedding photos; you can control the wedding photos here and allow only your appointed photographer to shoot your big day.


3. Pre-wedding and Post-wedding Shoots

Pre-wedding and post-wedding photography trends have equally been popular these days. For example, boudoir photography is popularly conducted by many brides well before weddings, wherein they give sexy shots and send to their prospected hubbies. In post-wedding photography trends, the TTD (trash-the-dress) is growing more and more as a well-accepted trend, where the bride poses in wedding gown, after the wedding, in the ocean, lying down in hay in barns, in muddy ponds and so on. Even other wedding party members can get involved in pre- andpost-wedding photos wearing informal clothes and hanging out with each other at a non-traditional location like a railway yard, fences, etc.


4. Formal Portraits

This year the Southern Belle portraits are catching up well too, wherein bride-to-be pose indoor or outdoor before her big day. You may not even smile, but give a straight, calm and sober look, which is cheerful too. That creates a real once in lifetime photo.

formal portrait

5. Rustic Weddings in Woodlands

Fairytale settings of woodlands are immensely popular this year, which provide a great charm of quaintness to the wedding photos to treasure for life. Handmade outfits, artsy details, arches decorated with wildflowers and a back-to-Nature feel make this type of wedding eternal through photos.

rustic woodland

So, if you want to create a great memoir of your special day in form an amazing photo album, try one of these wedding photography trends and make your wedding rock!