5 Important Points to Remember to Book Just the Right Venue for Wedding Reception

Posted by on Sep 17, 2019 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Wedding Reception

You will be holding a party for your friends and family to celebrate your wedding, and are wondering what type of venue you should choose. Here are tips that will help you find just the right venue for your wedding.

1. Insurance

Some venues won’t even talk to you if you don’t have insurance. Several venues need a particular amount of liability along with their name as additional insured for the event. In general, you can inquire about your general liability insurance agent for your event’s endorsement. It’s also recommended to start planning early to have this added and also to have all the needed wording, address etc. before contacting your agent.

2. Ambiance

Check the existing décor in the venue. Pay attention to its style of architecture and the interior of the building. If you’ll be arranging a rustic wedding, you’ll probably need a farmhouse-like décor while for a traditional wedding, your needs will be different although a venue like wedding and corporate function venue Melbourne can be versatile enough to meet various needs. Now think on what ambiance you need for your event and if the venue matches it. The less it matches your desired feeling, the more decoration will it need to make up.

3. Acoustics

You might have attended one or more events which were so loud that it was difficult to hear others, straining your ears and losing your voice. This happens due to poor acoustics. Acoustics means the way the sound travels across the venue. A low ceiling of the venue can make it feel cozy, but it can also make it louder if it’s crowded. On the other hand, a large venue will cause echoes or “reverberation” as architects call it.

Although acoustics are not the most necessary factor you should look for, they’re certainly one of the most important ones, and you can do certain things to improve them. For example, you can make good use of piazzas outside the venue or can use acoustical canopies or clouds.

4. Flexibility of Event Date and Negotiating Price

If you can be flexible about your event date, you can best negotiate with venues. Venues may have dates when there is no event and they want to fill those dates. In that case, you may provide them 2-3 alternatives and can expect discount on price.

5. Accessibility

While there is no doubt that all your guests should be able to reach the venue easily, you have to remember those with special requirements. Make sure they can access the building and amenities. You should also make sure to check if the venue is children-friendly if little people will be among your guests.

Remember all these points and you can easily choose just the right venue to make your event successful.