5 Practical Tips to Follow to Let Your Destination Wedding Run Smoothly

Posted by on Aug 31, 2019 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

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While the idea of tying the knot at an unknown yet romantic destination is certainly appealing, it’s a fact that the challenges it brings are pretty hard to overcome. Hence before heading towards your dream destination to start your new life with your would-be partner, you should remember certain tips that can be helpful. Here are a few.

1. Don’t Do It Yourself

As such, wedding planning is an exhausting job and you want to look fresh on your big day and in your wedding photographs. And when it’s a wedding at a destination you are not familiar with, it becomes even more difficult. You have to take care of every little detail such as from choosing flowers and napkins to renting silverware and catering equipment, in order to let everything go smooth. In that case, it makes sense to take help of someone like a professional destination wedding planner in Udaipur.

2. Hire a Great Wedding Planner

A good wedding planner will understand your budget and what best can be done within that budget keeping your needs and expectations in mind. She will book vendors for you being experienced of working at your wedding destination, and you can just enjoy your day.

3. Visit the Destination in Person

If time and resources permit, consider planning a trip to your wedding destination and meet vendors there. It’s always great to see persons and places actually than in photos and over emails because pictures can mislead you. This will ease out the process of making decisions for you.

4. Reach Early

If you can reach your destination before your guests, you can do many tasks like meeting your wedding planner, discussing details with him, organising gift bags, instructing your photographer and videographer which of the guests should be essentially photographed or filmed etc.

5. If Your Destination is Too Remote, Add an Extra Day

If you’ve planned your wedding at a destination which has an altogether different time zone, most of your time will be spent in travel, jet lag, late arrivals and early departures, and thus, you can barely take the pleasure of the destination’s beauty. So, it’s better to add an extra day or two just to spend time and enjoy with your guests.

The best thing to do is to hire a wedding planner and leave everything up to her, so that you can enjoy your big day in a true sense. So, have you started looking for one?