5 Super Fun and Inexpensive Wedding Entertainment Ideas

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star photo boothThe second most important component of your wedding after you are your wedding guests. If you have chosen everything keeping yourself in mind, your guests deserve at least to be thought of when your wedding entertainment is concerned. Are you scratching your head still about what entertainment to present to your guests and not finding anything? Here are some innovative ideas that won’t put you in a big financial pit.

Dance Tutor

You can hire a dance tutor for your reception who will teach your guests easy yet fun dance steps which they can do together. This is absolutely fun because every guest has to participate, even those who are shy and not very good at dance. As they are going to learn it they will take interest and the party will be fun.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is an all-time favorite entertainment option because it can open up even your shyest guests! Photo booth is a thing to enjoy together. You can choose enclosed or open-air photo booth. Your guests can give whatever poses they want as they won’t have a fear that someone will laugh at them or frown at them. Plus the fun props and backdrops add a special charm to photo booth photos. Your guests will be super excited to send their photos instantly to those who aren’t attending your wedding and share on their social networks. What’s more, they can have the clips instantly which they can take back home as fun keepsakes. Now photo booths are becoming more and more fun with new features. E.g. Star Photo Booth hire creates a talking piece – an unforgettable gift for your guests!

star photo booth


A burlesque performance need not necessarily be a strip show! You can invite classy performers, particularly if your wedding theme is a retro chic one.


Keeping a Vegas-style casino as your wedding entertainment will appeal most of your guests. It will also serve as a great icebreaker for guests, as they will mingle and interact with one another while playing. Money need not be real; but the entertainment will still be super fun!

Garden Games

This is an inexpensive and fuss-less way to keep your guests entertained for hours. Whether it is a chessboard, a rodeo bull or an enormous game of Jenga, participants as well as spectators are guaranteed to get a laugh out of them.

Trigger your creativity to get more such fun and inexpensive wedding entertainment ideas and share it here.