5 Types of Weddings You Should Consider for Celebrating Your Big Day

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Weddings are not only important for the wedding couple but also for those who attend them. They are the great opportunities to meet near and dear ones, and have some good time with them while having fun and frolic. Here are 5 types of wedding you should consider to make you and your guests pleased.

1. Industrial

Industrial weddings are becoming increasingly popular. They feature plenty of wire, metal and geometric decorations, and are typically held in old halls, lofts, warehouses or versatile venues like function space Docklands where any type of wedding can be arranged. Exposed wooden beams or brickwork add to the broken-down feel of the venue which is then contrasted with contemporary styling, soft flowers and upcycled furniture. Industrial wedding style is minimalist and incredibly versatile, and can transform even the dullest venue into an electric event space.

2. Traditional

Although most brides today opt for new wedding types, still there are huge numbers of others that want to choose the tried and tested traditional style of wedding. Usually held in conference halls, hotels marquees or ballrooms, these weddings feature age-old floral arrangements and traditional decorations, full three-course sit down meal and a big lovely white dress.

3. Rustic

Rustic weddings are best thrown in barns, farmhouses, village halls or in open spaces like gardens and have a relaxed vibe. They feature several vintage or DIY details and are just the opposite of formal, traditional wedding. You can use wooden pallets, bales of hay, hessian fabric, kraft paper, bunting and ample florals. A huge trend for rustic weddings is repurposed horseboxes, especially for bars. Foods will often be in the form of some type of self-service format such as a hog roast or buffet.

4. Festival

Festival weddings are chosen by those who want to entirely skip traditions and stereotypes. Its basic concept is to book a field and do whatever you want with it, whether using as a campsite, setting up a tepee or a full summer fete. This type of wedding typically involves lots of colors in the form of floral patterns, bunting, festoon lighting and streamers. Food is served in a street food style trucks and there are usually more than one live band.

5. Destination

While the words ‘destination wedding’ may paint pictures before your eyes of white silky beaches or French chateaux, they don’t need to necessarily be thrown abroad. However, usually couples would opt to visit a foreign country rather than tying the knot near their home. Destination weddings are normally smaller than other styles, because of the cost involved in travel and accommodation, but are usually followed by a reception party at home.

Choose one of these popular wedding styles and enjoy your big day to the fullest!