5 Wedding Photography Mistakes Brides Should Avoid

Posted by on Feb 24, 2020 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

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You have been captured in camera several times and have repented several times too for doing something which you shouldn’t have done and which spoiled your photos. Whether it was your double chin, your facial expressions, your dress or anything else, you don’t want to do the same mistakes in your wedding photos. After all, those photos are the most important in your life and should be perfect. Here are a few such mistakes which brides are most likely to make and should avoid in order to look great in wedding photos.

Not Finalizing and Following the Wedding Day Schedule

When it comes to wedding photography, natural light is of utmost importance, especially for a photographer like a Nottingham wedding photographer, because certain times of the day are a lot more photogenic than others, and you should finalize the schedule and strictly follow it to be able to be present for the photo shoot on those times. If you miss those hours, it will badly affect your photos. Assuming that a photo takes just a few minutes can be a great mistake.

Not Explaining Your Expectations to Your Photographer

Explaining how you want to look like in the photos to your wedding photographer is very important too. Beauty is subjective and your photographer should know what you consider beautiful. The best way to do this is to send them a photo you like and a photo you don’t like. Not doing this can leave you repenting.

Not Focusing on Your Portraits

It’s your wedding and you should be the main focus of the photos, not your guests. It’s agreed that your guests too should be photographed, but you should focus on your artistic portraits more.

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Missing the Engagement Photos

Engagement photo shoot is important because it increases your comfort level and confidence before the camera and also allows you to connect well with your photographer. It also offers you a practice of having photos in a fun, no-stress environment. Missing this photo shoot may be a mistake as you may not look very comfortable in your wedding photos.

Not Smiling

Showing your stress on your face is of course bad for your wedding photos. If you’re happy with your wedding, it should show in your photos. Don’t think of something left out, a loved one annoyed, a trinket you planned to wear but missed out or any such thing during your ceremony or reception. These things happen to everyone; so, be happy and smile!