6 Amazing Makeup Tips to Look Stunning in Your Wedding Photos and Video

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There’s no doubt that your wedding is the most beautiful day in your life. But will it last just for a day? Actually not – yes, we’re talking about your wedding photos and video. Your wedding will last for years in the form of your wedding photos and wedding video. Naturally, you should look your best in them and this largely depends on your makeup. Here are a few useful makeup tips that will make you look like a princess on your big day.

1. Start Early with Skincare

If you’ve been negligent about your skin so far, now you should start with it. The earlier you start, the better. Start taking regular facials. This will make a big difference to the texture of your skin, preparing it as the best base for makeup. Schedule monthly skin treatments in a way so that you’ll complete at least 3 of them till the wedding day. They will firm and illuminate your complexion. Avoid any extractions a month before to prevent last-minute irritations.

2. Consider Starting with a “Blur” Balm

An expert wedding photographer Sydney and makeup experts will always advise you using the new ‘blur’ balms that use ingredients like silica because they soften the appearance of pores and make the skin looks more even, smoother and more natural, even with less makeup. If foundation is used throughout the makeup process, it may look heavy and thick in your wedding photos. Your makeup artist should apply the balm with her fingers, before foundation and after moisturizer, targeting areas that have large pores (usually on nose and areas just near it).

Start with a “Blur” Balm

3. Magic of Highlighting Powder

A highlighting powder offers the photographer’s flash something to bounce off, making your skin glow beautifully. You should start with dotting it at the inner corners of the eyes, atop your cheekbones, on the nose’s tip, on the chin and just above the lips.

4. Your Makeup Should Last

Though you are excited to enjoy your big day, it’s going to bring a lot of stress and it’s really difficult to look the same at the end of the day as you looked when the day began. But it’s possible if you take care of making your makeup last. Your makeup artist should use a primer for this purpose. She’d cleanse and moisturize your skin and then spread the primer on your face and eyelids, and then top with a foundation to form a smooth base. Each of these should be applied in thin even layers. This also goes for highlighter, blush, translucent powder and lipstick.

Your Makeup Should Last

5. Fix Last-minute Issues

Looking tired because your rehearsal dinner continued till dawn? No problem. Here are solutions to the last-minute issues. Conceal the under-eye circles by applying a creamy formula. Start applying it from the inner corners of your eyes and work it outward. Gently press it with your fingertips and don’t rub it onto skin where the skin appears darker. If there is a blemish, tap a bit tacky concealer just on top of it with a brush. Don’t rub it to and fro because that will make it gather around the zit. You can even offer it a staying power by topping with a translucent powder.

6. Get a Glowing and Not Shining Skin

Shining skin looks otherworldly; but you don’t desire a strobe-light look on your face in your wedding photos. Your wedding videographer Sydney will be happy if you control the luminescence by sprinkling translucent powder on sides of your nose, across the forehead and on the chin using a powder puff. Next apply a soft highlighter only to the tops of cheekbones and temples. You can also pat it on the inner corners and under the brow bones to brighten eyes. It’s so sheer that it looks natural.

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So, have you started preparing for your skincare to look stunning in your wedding photos and video?