6 Great Tips to Hire a Live Band to Make Your Wedding an Amazing Affair

Posted by on Dec 21, 2019 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

live band for weddings

If you’ve decided to hire a live band for your big day in Singapore, it’s a great decision because Singapore has so many of them. However, this may confuse you which of them to hire. You want the band to be so melodious and amazing that all your guests should be pleased and shouldn’t be able to resist themselves from arriving on the dance floor. Are there any criteria to decide if the band will be just as you want it? Yes, here they are.

1. Background and Experience

While checking a live band for weddings, ask about their background in playing the type of music genre and whether they are able to play other types of music genres as well. Also, it’s a good idea to ask how long they have been performing together as a group. Ask if they have high-calibre members who are specialists in various formal and causal events.

2. Ask for a Demo CD

A demo CD will enable you to watch them performing and analyse their choice of music and excellence level. It’s recommended to look for unedited raw demo CD so that you can get an exact idea of how the band performs, how they sound like and how they interact with the audience. Otherwise a band may hand a CD over to you that is already sound and edited to create a good first impression.

3. Ask for Photos

Photos of the live band can also give you an idea and proof of their live performance. Look for photos from different types of occasions. As such you can see photos of some bands on their websites. Still it’s a good idea to ask for real photos to make sure they haven’t extracted them from elsewhere on the Web.

4. Check Customer Reviews

Check if they have real customer reviews and testimonials for their earlier performances. Ask if they can give the names and contact details of their previous clients who you can call and inquire about the band’s performance.

5. Equipment

Make sure the live wedding band you are planning to hire uses high-end professional instruments, amplifiers, microphones and PA. When they will use high-quality instruments and sound system, they can create the right atmosphere to make your wedding a wonderful event.

6. Price

If you have found the right band, don’t skimp on the price factor because they can create the best live music for you. The prices of bands vary depending upon the number of musicians, performing hours, experience and expertise.

If you apply these criteria, you are sure to find the best live band to make your wedding an unforgettable affair.