7 Signs of a Professional Wedding DJ

Posted by on Oct 24, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

wedding dj tipsIf you are planning to invite a wedding DJ for your big day and getting advices from friends and family, you might have been pretty daunted with a variety of advices. But let me tell you there are some definite signs of DJs which tell you that the DJ is good. E.g. if you listen to the Phuket wedding DJ, Ben Jenkins, serving the beautiful Phuket area in Thailand, you will come to know that he is a great wedding DJ. What are these signs?

1. Professional DJs Visit the Venue Beforehand

A professional DJ visits the venue beforehand to make all arrangements well, such as ensuring if there are any specific rules of the venue, where to park, when doors open, where to take in the equipment, and so on.

2. Professional DJs Make Settings Beforehand

It is also important to make settings beforehand on the actual wedding day and professional DJs just do that. This needs at least an hour, i.e. the DJ has to unload and set the equipment, check the sound system, adjust its levels, test microphones and place speakers so as to favor the acoustics of the room. Here too, acoustics is important which is different for every room, and a great DJ considers it and adjusts speakers so as to optimize the enjoyment of music.

3. Professional DJs Listen

If the DJ is professional (which means is good) s/he will listen to your instructions carefully and will ensure that s/he has understood your every need. The DJ should understand that this being the most important day of your life, it is her/his responsibility to maintain the flow of the day, which s/he should take seriously. For her/him, the priorities of the couple are always the most important.

4. Poised, Patient, Presentable Professionals

Professional DJs are always hassle-free. They are not confused and don’t confuse you. So also they dress well and look presentable. In short, they are relaxed and have a control on the situation as far as the music is concerned. This may seem pretty obvious; however, when you come across unprofessional DJs who cannot manage things well, you can feel the difference. And the poised and patient nature comes with a good planning which too is a sign of professionalism.

5. Correct Pronunciations of Names

Masters of Ceremonies and professional DJs take formal announcements of your wedding very seriously. So, they see to it that every name is pronounced properly, for which they practice it after sitting with the couple some weeks beforehand.

6. A Perfect Combination of Couple’s and Crowd’s Choice

If your DJ is professional, s/he plays for you on priority. But at the same time s/he also reads your guests’ minds and play for them too. If the DJ keeps on playing without reading the crowd, the event could turn to a disaster.

7. Not Working on Assumptions

Professional DJs don’t work on assumptions! Firstly they take the venue address well in advance. You may think that this too is pretty obvious. But there are DJs who reach the venue late just because they haven’t taken the address properly.

So, seek such a professional DJ for your big day and enjoy a real extravaganza of the favorite music of yours and your guests’.