7 Superb Ideas for an Awesome Outdoor Wedding

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Green Village Space Outdoor Wedding

Getting married outdoors is not only beautiful and pleasant but also economical. Even if you are not very keen about economy, it’s a fact that in a garden venue you don’t have to spend much on decoration because beautiful flowers and backdrops are readily available. Whether it’s a green village space or a rustic barn, you can rest assured that you and your guests will love the al fresco affair. You’ll surely enjoy saying “I do” in the outdoor setting with the following ideas.

1. Haystack Settees

An innovative idea for a true rustic feel is to provide haystacks settees to your guests. These will act like big comfortable coaches and you can cover them with soft colorful sofa covers but not completely, so that all will know that they are haystacks.

2. Consider Green Village Space

SITIO CASAMENTO, the Green Village Space is a wonderful venue where you can celebrate all kinds of events you can imagine. For your wedding, you will find nothing better. The natural environment is ideal for taking photographs and setting up your altar. Want to know a little more? It is a large garden plot, prepared to receive all your guests. In the green area, you can celebrate the ceremony surrounded by privileged landscapes. In addition to all this, the Green Village Space also prepares its wedding party. With them you will have access to a wide variety of menus, all done with great care and dedication.

Green Village Space Outdoor Wedding

3. Mason Jar Lighting

Mason jars can be excellent décor items. You can fill them with shiny beads or sequins and hang them on trees or poles and they will reflect sunlight and shine like stars. Or you can hold candles in them and add a gleam to your big day.

4. Photo Display on Trees

Rather than a fashionable photo display, why not use nature to display your photos? Hang them on strings and tie those strings around tree trunks or bushes or from the branches of a short-heighted tree. Just take care not to harm the trees in any way.

5. Barrels as Tables for Flowers

To add more rusticity to your décor, you can include barrels which can hold your flower bouquets, statement lanterns, your pictures or even your wedding cake.

6. Weathered Wooden Table

Another rustic element that can display your wedding cake is a weathered wooden table. The cake as well as the table will catch your guests’ eye.

7. Outdoor Tea and Coffee Station

Set a cheerful table with tea and coffee to make your guests feel at home. You can even add the all-time favorite cookies, cakes and sandwiches to make it look even more attractive.

So, are you ready for making your outdoor wedding awesome?