8 Unique Engagement Ring Styles Grooms should Consider for their Brides

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Simple-engagement-rings-for-women-VintageLove, commitment and trust are three foundation stones of a healthy marriage. They are invaluable. However the fourth one is literally invaluable, and it is a beautiful engagement ring. Though men can do many difficult jobs with ease, the job of finding the right engagement ring for their love lady make many of them sweat, due to confusion and the emptying bank balance by about their two-month salary, which is kept aside for engagement rings for women as a norm according to diamond market experts.

The engagement ring can be sported by a happy bride for the rest of her life. Therefore it is important that the cut, setting and quality go with her persona. For this, grooms need to consider the personal style of their brides while choosing a ring and it may also be a smart move to discuss with one of her friends. Maybe she has discussed it before with her friends as normally women are quite perceptive regarding engagement rings.


Even a little window-shopping beforehand can prove valuable. Judicious women will definitely appreciate if they will be given the opportunity to disclose their heart’s desire.


In whatever way the grooms want to proceed, they have to choose a unique style of the ring for their love lady. Go through E4Jewelry.com to view an unending array of unique styles in engagement rings, wedding rings and other bridal jewelry. The lovely images in this article are their courtesy. Here are eight such unique styles for engagement ring, at least one of which you are bound to find suitable to your quirk, liking and budget.


1. Solitaire

A slim band with a solitary diamond – the solitaire – particularly a round one – is the ultimate classic engagement ring style. Graceful and at the same time elegant, this style complements suits almost any woman’s hand and is never out of fashion. The band’s composition, as with that of any engagement ring, can affect the quality and overall price of the ring. The material of the band can be platinum which is the most durable, but most expensive too. Or it can be white or yellow gold which are relatively more inexpensive and beautiful to look at, though gold wears away with time and is more likely than platinum to sustain damage.


2. Ornate Shapes

If you choose to look for ornate shapes, you will face no shortage when a solitaire style is concerned. If the bride has a classic quirk but she also longs for a touch of distinction, the groom should be wise to get something in addition to a round stone. Standing second in the line of popularity after round cut is the princess cut diamond. This is a classy square shape. Others are emerald, asscher, oval, marquise, radiant, cushion, pear and heart. There is a lion’s share of celebrities in popularizing these alternative shapes, especially emerald and princess cuts. Adorning the famous fingers of Eva Longoria Parker and Katherine Heigi, these cuts have won the hearts of stylish and celebrity-conscious gals.


3. Large Stones

Some brides give more importance to the bigger size of the stone than its quality and sparkle. If this is the case, the groom can take the help of the jeweler to find a high carat size diamond. A quick note about the 4 famous Cs of diamonds will help you here. They are carat, cut, clarity and color. The weight is denoted by carat, but not size. Cut refers to the amount of sparkle, while clarity determines the number of flaws. Regarding the last C, i.e. color, ideally all diamonds should be colorless or clear; however there can be slight tones of yellow in the diamond. Finding a colorless and perfectly cut diamond is quite difficult and if you find it, you will have to pay quite a handsome amount; so grooms whose brides love big rocks should remember this.

colored channel-set

4. Three Stones

Three-stone rings are more expensive than solitaires. But they also have much higher potential for variety. Each stone has abundant symbolism. The groom might choose two smaller stones flanking one central bigger stone, or all the three stones of the same size.

colored 3-stone

5. Colored Stones

It is beyond doubt that diamonds are timeless, traditional stones for engagement rings. But it is not a rule that you cannot add a color while choosing the stone. In fact, many brides love the rich hues of emeralds, rubies or sapphires, more than the clear shine of a diamond. What’s more, you can get even colored diamonds, like at E4Jewelry.com, seeing the array of colored diamond rings of which you are sure to get amazed.


6. Split-shank Style

Some gals overall forego the wedding band and favor a wider and more striking engagement ring. Split-shank style features the band split in half and meeting at the central diamond, thus broadening the middle focal point of the ring, which is then adorned with other details or smaller diamonds. This is an elegant style and can play a dual role as a chic piece and a day-to-day wear as well.


7. Sparkle of Tiny Diamonds all through the Ring

Women having a glamorous taste and love for sparkle will definitely appreciate the band of engagement ring studded with pave or channel-set diamonds. Both these types sport tiny diamonds all through the band, resulting in even more sparkle than solitaire or three-stone rings.


Channel-set or pave diamonds differ with each other in the way they are set in the band. Channel-set style features diamonds placed in a groove inside the ring so as to flush the tables (tops of diamonds) with the band. On the other hand, pave style features diamonds set atop the band so near each other that the band is almost invisible.

channel set

Amongst these two styles, channel-set tends to be cheaper; and they are more practical too, because pave diamonds tend more to falling out with time, as not being as secured as channel-set diamonds.

8. Cubic Zirconia

During a time of recession, many grooms might be on a budget and in that context, cubic zirconia is the best choice. This is an artificial diamond simulation, at a fraction of the cost of diamonds. If purchased from a reputable jeweler like E4Jewelry.com it is apparently indistinguishable from the real stuff. Grooms, before purchasing a cubic zirconia, should just ensure with their women if they will prefer it. Some might respond shockingly and prefer only a real one, regardless of how small and flawed it is, while others might be excited on an impressive-sized stone, the genuineness of which will almost never be questioned.