A Sturdy and Beautiful Personalized Dopp Kit – the Best Gift for Your Man or Groomsmen

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personalized dopp kit 1Your big day is around the corner and you are wondering what to gift to your groomsmen (if you are the groom)? Or, even if you are a bride and thinking of a perfect gift for your sweetheart, why not consider a dopp kit? Men’s shaving ensemble consists of many components. That makes it inconvenient for them to carry wherever they go, for example, while traveling or even a short overnight trip in their own town. Ordinary bags or pouches wear out soon and men again face the problem of keeping their grooming products and toiletry goodies organized. In that case, the best groom’s or groomsmen’s gift can be a dopp kit.

Will Your Man Love the Kit?

If you wonder about whether your man will love the gift, believe me, he’ll be more than happy to get a kit like this. This is because as said before, many men carry their shaving tools in an ordinary bag which wears out soon. Then they may carry them in a plastic bag which they get with something they might have purchased at a shopping mall. This most of the time causes disasters by turning the ingredients like bottles of shaving creams and lotions upside down or even break and toothpaste tubes crack, and spill out, spoiling everything neighboring the plastic bag in the luggage! So, whether you are a bride and gift this kit to your sweetheart, or you are a groom and gift such personalized dopp kits to your groomsmen, your recipients are going to love this gift, as it’s the right occasion for personalization.

personalized dopp kit 2

Urban Wrist offers such personalized dopp kits that comes in various attractive designs as you can see in the pictures in this article.

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What is a Dopp Kit, By The Way & Why is it So Useful?

A dopp kit is a bag or pouch in which toiletry and grooming tools and products can be placed organized and well-fitted. Most of them are made from cloth, leather or vinyl. And you need not necessarily use it only while traveling; you can even use it while being at home, just to keep everything you need in place. This may include hair styling products, deodorant, beard oils, tools like trimmers, razors, brushes and combs, shaving machines, shampoos, shower gels, creams, toothpastes and toothbrushes, and everything you might think you will need to groom yourself and look neat.

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What to Look for in Dopp Kits?

Material: As mentioned earlier, dopp kits are made from cloth, leather or vinyl. Genuine leather is the best material, per se. It looks rich and lasts longer. However, if your groom or some of your groomsmen are vegan, you better prefer a different material.

Vinyl dopp bags are waterproof and durable. And they cost much less than leather besides looking great.

Check the inner materials too whether it is sturdy and waterproof.

As you can see in the dopp kits by Urban Wrist, they are of various materials and are tough, sturdy, waterproof and beautiful to look at.

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Size: Size is the most important factor to consider. Some dopp bags are small like wallets while others are so big that they look like proper bags. Here you will have to find which toiletry products your recipients like to have with them always and choose size of the dopp kit accordingly.

Take a look at some of the most functional and beautiful dopp kits by Urban Wrist in this article and many more on their website, and choose one/s for your needs. I am sure you will get the best gifts for your recipients with which they will be amazed and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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