A Wedding Calendar Very Useful to Couples in Planning their Big Day

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Grecian style wedding dressIt is realized quickly by couples who are planning their wedding that there might be hardly a more challenging job. There are so many decisions to take for them from preparing a guest list to hiring a variety of wedding vendors to choosing a menu and music types. Therefore staying organized is extremely important for the couples. However it is not as easy as it seems. The planning may be spread over many months and even over a year or more, which makes it difficult to track the complete and incomplete tasks. Dasiyes weddings provides a very useful wedding calendar on their website WeddingInItaly.org which makes it easy for couples to plan their big day. Here are tips to make the most of the wedding calendar.

The wedding calendar provided by Dasiyes weddings is conveniently divided between time periods, like 12 months before, 8 to 9 months before, 6 to 9 months before, 2 months before and 1 to 2 months before. This gives you a fairly good idea about which tasks are important and/or will take time. E.g. the most important and prior task you have to do is to pick your wedding date, and so, it should be done 12 months before. So also, checking availability of the venues is also important, and so, that too should be done 1 year before.

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Choosing and hiring various wedding vendors can be done 8 to 9 months before. You need a lot of them, like your dressmaker, florist, entertainment, caterer, and so on. You can also choose wedding favors for your guests during this time.

Once you hire vendors, you should confirm them, which can be done 6 to 9 months before. Another important component of your wedding is documentation. You should check it during this time, so as to avoid the last minute hassle.

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Some of your wedding vendors like caterer, musicians, decorators and photographers need more meetings with you to decide details. E.g. you should specify menu with the caterer, your favorite music with the musician, decoration details with decorators and photos with photographers. This can be done 2 months before wedding. Then you also have to check your dress fittings, take appointments of makeup artists and hair stylist, and so on, which you can do in this time.

During the time of 1 or 2 months before your big day you can give a finishing touch to all your planning by confirming everything like guest list, bookings, last dress fitting, honeymoon, etc.

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You will find this timetable very convenient if you are going to plan your wedding on your own.

Dasiyes weddings (WeddingInItaly.org) consists of an international team of experienced professionals specialized in event organization. They organize weddings in Italy and strive to deliver a perfect planning of your wedding. Their aim is to provide quality in every service and deliver an extremely smooth and unforgettable experience to their clients.

Grecian style wedding dress