Airbrush Makeup Vs Traditional Makeup for Your Big Day

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airbrush or traditionalMakeup is the most essential factor of a bride’s ensemble on her big day and she dreams a lot regarding it. And like the other factors of her wedding, the bride is often confused about makeup too, regarding which type of makeup to wear, a regular makeup or an airbrush makeup. Well, both of these have their own pros and cons and it entirely depends on you to choose one of them. And still if you cannot decide between the two, best is to get a trial done with both and see which one suits you the most. Here is the information of both the makeup techniques.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is a light makeup applied using an air gun machine which creates a thin, even film of makeup and produces a very matte finish.

makeup with Airbrush

Technique: The chamber of a gun is filled with a small amount of thin makeup meant for airbrush use. When the machine is switched on and the gun trigger is pulled, a light spray is sprinkled out in form of a mist. This fine mist of makeup covers the skin and offers the appearance of a perfect complexion. Your makeup artist mixes foundation colors to achieve a perfect combination to match your skin tone. Because it is a very fine mist, your real skin tone shows out, which makes it appear more natural and not caked on. It won’t even transfer onto your dress. And it will make you look amazing in your wedding photos. Airbrush makeup is waterproof and won’t go away anywhere till you wash it off. Keep in mind not to wipe away tears and sweat, but blot. This will guarantee 16 hours of wearing this makeup.

Regular (Traditional) Makeup

This is the traditional makeup which is worn for ages by brides on their big day and improvements are constantly taking place in it. In this, a cream, liquid or powder is generally applied using a brush, sponge or fingers. This makeup comes in the widest range with every shade available. It is the most versatile of all the types of makeup. It can be as basic as a sheer touch of coverage or can be combined with other properties to produce a makeup that takes care of specific problems.

traditional makeup

Technique: The traditional makeup is the only makeup which can be used in any condition at any time, provided an appropriate formula is chosen. It can be worn in several different ways, from brush technique for thicker foundations to finger tips for light and well mixed applications.

Typically traditional makeup is not waterproof, rubs off on clothing and needs occasional touchups all through the evening. If it is applied wrongly, you can get a cakey finish. Any makeup with SPF will make your face look white in photos.

So, if you look at the convenience and long lasting good looks, airbrush makeup is the best, while if you consider versatility, you can prefer the traditional makeup. Best is to try both and then decide which will be the most appropriate for your special day looks.

This article is sponsored by Brides Of Noosa – owned by Tara, a professional mobile beauty therapist and makeup artist at Queensland’s lovely Sunshine Coast. She is in the wedding makeup industry for 18 years and using the number 1 airbrush technique for years to give brides amazing looks, which cannot be removed by sweat, tears or rains.