An Outstanding New Trend in Photo Booths for Your Big Day

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thumbsThe trend of setting a photo booth has by now been a unique attraction at weddings. Reasons are many. The wedding couple and their friends and family get to have much more fun in photo booths than the traditional photography with all the fun backdrops and props. Being in a compact room (in a studio-style photo booth) they can make whichever pose they want without worrying about anybody frowning at them. All in all, they enjoy a lot! But now a yet newer trend has been started in the photo booths at weddings – Green Screen Dream Machine! And this trend has been introduced by Photo Booth Hire (OMG), based in Essex.

Outstanding Photo Booth

Green Screen Dream Machine is an outstanding photo booth, so that when you hire it for your big day, you and your guests will be simply amazed. What is so unique in this photo booth?

  • Unlike any other standard photo booth, that sets up only 1 backdrop for the whole night and thereby the excitement fades after some time because of the repetitive photos, Dream Machine offers lots of options, so many that you won’t be able to go through all of them in 1 night! This maintains the fun throughout.
  • Using the magical Chroma key green screen technology of green screen photo booth, you and your guests can choose from over 600 combinations of prints and backdrops. What’s more, they also have multiple mode options from which you can choose using a huge 42” touch-screen HD display!

And so, Green Screen Photo Booth is outstanding!

Black Booth with Barriers Cut out

Amazing Modes

Classic Mode

Green Screen Photo Booth also has the regular 1-curtain photo booth if you don’t want to go for the multiple ones. But they also come with a choice of multiple colors at just a touch of a button. Here the magic of Green Screen technology is used for superimposing a curtain behind the guests.

thumbs 2

Green Screen Mode

Here you can choose from amongst 10 multiple themed greenscreen backdrops that are superimposed behind you. These are chosen carefully to match their huge array of props!

thumbs 3

3D Green Screen Mode

You and your guests are put in action here. You are placed behind the pictures by the 3D Green Screen whereby you are seen as if you were actually there in the scene! Thus you can even choose to be amongst Dinosaurs, touching or feeding them, or in a 60s’ pattern, or whichever period you want to be looked into!

thumbs 4

Around The World

You want to look into your favorite country or continent? Your wish will come true with this mode! Choose whichever of the 7 continent or your favorite country and boast being there!

wedding theme

Time Machine

Be in your favorite period in the history, maybe it is the Wild West, Gangster times or any war! The Time Machine has color options too for you to make your photos look truly believable, that too with the crazy props!

thumbs 5

Big Edz

Become a superhero! Or put your heads on the tiny bodies of MI-5 agents, Aliens and many other themed sets! Great fun and actually worth enjoying with your friends.

thumbs 6

Choosing one of these modes is super easy – with just a touch! After you choose mode, you can then choose how your 6” x 4” photos should be printed. Here too you get multiple options like:

  • 4 Large photos
  • Double Passport Strips
  • Psychedelic Mosaic Layout
  • 1 Large and 4 Small Photos

So, if you want the photo booth fun to reach the ultimate level on your special day, take the ultra modern option of Green Screen Photo Booth, and enjoy not only on the day, but for years to come!

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