Are Wedding Favors Important?

Posted by on Sep 23, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

Wedding favors are nowadays more creative and interesting than ever. Almost anything you imagine can be given as the wedding favor. Of course, if that fits your wedding budget. They should be functional, but also beautiful. They are something like a token of thankfulness towards your guests who came to share your happiness of getting married. Not all the weddings have wedding favors, because some couples consider them unnecessary. Still, most couples provide favors because it is a part of the wedding etiquette. Wedding favors do not have to be expensive. In fact, simple and cheap wedding favors might be preferred over some costly personalized items. Baked goods and sweets are always tasty and gladly accepted favors, but personalized magnet (such as ) or key chain (for example could be nice souvenirs to remind you and your guests of the lovely day. So, what are the wedding favor popular trends?

Edible favors such as personalized cake-shaped cookies, chocolate bars or truffles are something many guests like. Due to their low cost, food favors are currently very popular because they offer an easy way to stay withing the wedding budget. Personalized mini wine bottles or beers are also very trendy and practical wedding favors nowadays. Little plants and flowers in nice pots together with growing instructions are becoming very popular and they show you care for the environment. In addition, hopefully, they will live on long after the wedding reception.

If you have a theme wedding, you should choose some nice favors to help you express your wedding theme better. So, if you have a beach wedding theme, sunscreen in mini personalized bottles might be very both useful and creative. If you are unconventional couple and you want your wedding reception to be less formal, you can choose some funny flavors to add a not of levity to your big day. However, keep in mind all of your guests and make sure favors are in good taste.