Bride with a Baby Bump – How to Enjoy Your Wedding

Posted by on Apr 13, 2014 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles |

cake topper pregnant brideOnce upon a time, expecting brides had quite, rushed wedding to avoid the shame. Luckily, gone are those years and both the pregnancy and marriage are considered to be lovely occasions for celebration. If you are one of pregnant brides, you have every right to feel proud and to have the wedding day of your dreams. However, keep in mind that navigating both life events can be quite tricky and therefore, we want to help you succeed in your mission!

Timing is always important, but it’s especially significant when the bride is expecting. The best possible solution is to get hitched in the second trimester. By then, morning sickness should be eased up or even completely gone. Also, at the end of the pregnancy, women usually feel like balloons, therefore mid-pregnancy is better for the big day.

pregnant bride dressWhen it comes to bridal dress and accessories, the consultant should know how far along the bride will at the moment of tying the knot. A baby bump looks lovely and elegant in an empire-waist dress, but bride can choose almost any style. However, heavy and stiff materials like tulle, satin and taffeta should be avoided. Instead, it’s better to get married in more comfortable, light and loose fabrics such as crepe and chiffon. Because of edema, while pregnant, women experience feet and ankles swelling, therefore shoes should be a half- or full-size bigger than those before the pregnancy. Also, keep in mind that expectant mothers are not known for their perfect balance, so it’s good to skip the high heels and opt for more down-to-earth footwear, such as sandals or ballet flats.

Don’t be nervous about your facial complexion during pregnancy, because a skilled beautician or makeup artist will be able to handle everything. Consider hiring a pro, if possible. Also, keep in mind that many hair-treatments are off-limits for a pregnant woman, therefore talk to your hair stylists about the alternatives.

Planning a wedding can be stressful for the calmest brides. Pregnancy and stress are not the wanted combo, so either hire a professional wedding planner or tone down the event to something easier for you to handle. Enjoy your celebration, but do it smartly! It’s recommended to skip the champagne and instead drink a lot of water, since it’s important to stay hydrated.