Choose a Photographer As Passionate As You are about Your Big Day

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Rachel4_WEB22When you plan to hire a wedding photographer, what exactly do you visualize? Do you visualize one who is as passionate as you are about your big day? If yes, I have found someone that may be just fit for you. She is Vilija a wedding photographer in Preston, who has a photography company VSFOTO through which she promises you to give something that will be proudly carried in your family for years to come. She is keen to present the story of a wedding like that of two swans that found each other and lived happily ever after. I went through all of Vilija’s photos and felt like presenting all of them to you and what I felt about them. Though it’s not possible, I can at least give some of my most favorites.

Black & Whites

Though a wedding is a colorful affair that is going to add colors to your life, some of its photos should be in black & white, especially if the bride is so photogenic. She is wearing just the perfect makeup, a stunning flower headband and nice expressions! Who can say that colors are lacking in this photo?

b&w bride

Another example of a “colorful” black-n-white photo showing the photographer’s creativity! A basket full of bouquets accompanied by flowery shoes of bride and bridesmaids.

bouquets & shoes

One more colorful bride in black and white! She has worn a full tiara of flowers. The wedding is clearly rustic with the bride’s chin resting on a haystack and the countryside backdrop. And though it hasn’t any colors, we can still feel the fragrant air!

bride's flower tiara

Colors and Dazzles

Vilija has used colors equally efficiently as she has used the black and white photography. This photo of the wedding couple with bridesmaids and flower girls is simply pleasant. Though bride is in white and groom is in pale blue, the other girls’ dresses and bouquets have added splashes of colors to this photo.

colorful flower girls

This is another beautiful color combination of white and green! Here the bridesmaids wearing green dresses and the groom and groomsmen dressed as bagpipers are making a lovely photograph. The wooden venue too has contributed a perfectly matching backdrop.

green bridesmaids

When it’s about an Asian, and especially an Indian wedding, there have to be colors and dazzle! This is an Asian couple with the bride wearing lavishly embroidered colorful wedding dress and superb jewelry and the groom is just the right match to her. The photographer has caught the beautiful combination of white and purple in an amazing way!

indian couple

One more Asian wedding photo with a rustic setting – quite trash the dress style photo, but not exactly! The happy and content expressions on the couple’s face have been perfectly captured in camera.

japanese couple

As said earlier, Asian wedding show colors. Here is one more beautiful color combination that I loved the most – white and pink. The beautiful bride wears a sumptuously embroidered pink dress and stunning pearl jewelry.

pink dress and pearl jewelery of asian bride

As far as Asian weddings are concerned, VSFOTO puts in extra efforts to bring all events together in form of a picture story, which includes all the cultural and ceremonial traditions, including Ganesh Pooja, Mandap, Kanya Daan, Mehndi, Pheras, Sindoor, Tilak, Sangeet, Pundits, and literally everything, Vilija promises to bring a relaxed, unobtrusive and professional story of your wedding.

Wedding is also about dazzle. Here is a beautiful dazzling wedding photos wherein the bride and groom are enjoying sparklers!


Vintage Wedding

Vintage wedding is one of the hottest trends today. Though not favored by all, for those who love it, VSFOTO can produce eye-catching photos with that appealing aged look. You can help the outcomes of the photographer’s efforts with your choice of outfits and venues; e.g. the vintage cut and style of bridal dress, parasols, hats and feathers will create a great vintage effect. Props like a vintage car or even a cycle can add a touch of authentication to your vintage wedding.

The creativity of a wedding photographer is seen when s/he choose a location other than the church or reception venue. Here it is prominently being seen where the wedding couple is standing beside a worn out, rusted machine in a field with a perfect pastoral background of a barn, a lake, greenery – all so charming!

vintage-wedding-at wheels

Why are all these different settings necessary? It’s because, let’s face it, looking at ours and our guests’ photos again and again in only two venues – church and reception venue – may not only bore our guests, but ourselves too! If the photos are caught on various beautiful backgrounds, they not only look interesting but also carry lots of hearty memories – like the weather at that time, did it rain, how the bride’s train flew, and a lot more!

Another stunning photo on a pastoral backdrop, with sheep grazing in the pasture behind and the cool shade of lush green trees, and warm sunshine, denoting a rich and prosperous setting anyone would like to look at again and again.

couple in garden

Getting Ready

The getting ready photos can be made much more interesting by using a little creativity – like in this photo. There is the lovely bridal dress hung and shoes kept in a cozy room. Though the dress is white, it’s not making any conflict with the room’s color theme; on the contrary, everything is looking just pleasing to the eyes!

wedding dress hung

After Wedding

This perfectly happy moment has been caught in camera, where the bride and groom are relishing ice cream cones, while the groom tries to protect both of them with a nice, white umbrella.

white umbrella


Party photos need not be of people with their mouths gobbled with food! A superb, rustic copper bucket-o-booze neatly lined with crystal clear flutes does the same job but much more effectively and with a classy touch! This is a perfect example!

wine bottles and glasses

Your Near & Dear Ones

Group photos in weddings will never go stale, especially when the backdrop is so beautiful. The group is wearing stunning retro dresses with junior and senior bagpipers too! These are the old and young generations in both families and the photographer has perfectly captured the joy on every face!

wedding party

So, if you want your wedding photo album to look truly professional, astounding and interesting to whoever sees it, consider hiring Vilija, and you can rest assured of getting perfect memories to cherish for your entire life.