Choose the Right Shape of Diamond for Your Big Day

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diamond shapesYou might have planned to get your hand on a diamond ring on your big day. But don’t you find all diamonds equally attractive? And don’t you get confused about which one to choose from such a huge variety? Let me help you choose the perfect wedding ring by considering an important factor – the shape of the diamond.

Shape of the diamond is a crucial factor which decides how well the ring will go with your overall style and how beautiful you will look on your special day. There are various shapes to choose from which, if you know, will help you to select the right one.

Round Brilliant – The Round Brilliant-cut diamond is the classic and the most popular shape regarding stones of wedding rings. It has 57 facets which make it the most brilliantly sparkling and fiery. If you want to dazzle in a real way on your big day, choose this shape.

Round Brilliant Cut

Princess – The Princess-cut diamond is a more contemporary style and is the second most popular after Round Brilliant-cut. These diamonds are square in shape or slightly rectangular with sharp corners and a range of intricate facets which enhance the inherent sparkle of the diamond.

princess cut

Emerald – Emerald is a precious stone itself, but in the world of diamonds, there is a popular shape called Emerald-cut. It gives you a timeless, elegant look, with its long, lean lines. It has one rectangular cut – the relatively bigger open-table facet (top, flat) and few other facets, with which the clarity of the diamond is highlighted, more than with any other shape.

emerald cut

Asscher – Asscher is a striking shape, commonly known as a square emerald. It evokes an art deco feeling from the 20’s and 30’s. It was created during the turn of the 20th century; its popularity is once again increasing nowadays.

Asscher cut

Radiant – The Radiant-cut is comparatively rare and appeals to those who seek a unique look on their big day. It combines the geometrical lines of the Emerald cut and the brilliant sparkle of the Round cut. Its signature characteristic is its trimmed corners.

Radiant Cut

Cushion – Just like Asscher, the Cushion-cut (also popularly known as pillow-cut) is also popular for over a century. It has a soft and romantic look with rounded corners and bigger facets to enhance its brilliance.

Cushion Cut

Marquise – With its brilliance and tapered points at its two ends, the Marquise shaped diamond offers a drama to your personality. When worn as a ring, it offers you a slender, elongated look, and so, is perfect for you if you have a plus size. It also increases the carat weight and appears as a larger diamond, than a round diamond of the same weight. marquise cut

Pear – If you love a shining dewdrop of dawn, you would love the Pear-shaped diamond which has the same shimmering appearance as that of a dewdrop. It is a combination of the soft, round end of Oval shape and sharp, tapered point of Marquise shape. This is an interesting choice for a bride with a versatile personality.

Pear cut

Oval – Those, who love their classics with a bit of edge, love Oval shape. Oval diamonds offer a lovely brilliance to a classic round diamond. Its elongated shape adds an appealing twist to the ring and accentuates the appearance of hand creating a slender look.

oval cut

Heart – A Heart shape diamond is perfect for a confident woman who is all hearty. While sometimes chosen for an engagement ring, Heart-shaped diamond is a more popularly selected for pendants.

jwt hearshape

I am sure that this information will help you choose a diamond which will make you look the most beautiful on your big day.

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