Choose Your Destination Wedding Photographer Carefully

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destination wedding photographerWhen you plan your big day at an exotic destination, you dream of glamorous locations, mind-blowing scenery, fantastic atmosphere, and unmatched pleasure on the faces of your spouse and guests! And to remember all this for years to come, you need a destination wedding photographer. But is there really any difference between a destination wedding photographer and the everyday wedding photographer? Let’s see.

Is there any difference?

No, not as such! Destination wedding photographer is not an alien. The difference, if there is any, is you can hire a photographer belonging to the destination you are going to hold your big day. Alternatively, you can hire one belonging to your own place. And there are pros and cons of both the alternatives.

Hiring a photographer in your own area


  • If you hire a photographer in your area, you can know her/him better, about her/his previous work, style and nature, etc.
  • A photographer in your area presents no language barrier.  


  • You have to bear the expense of the photographer, like airfare, hotel, transportation and a per day allowance for food and other expenses.
  • The photographer may not know your wedding destination very well or s/he may not have an experience of shooting on exotic locations.

Hiring a photographer at the destination


  • The photographer is well-acquainted with the area, its climatic and lighting conditions and photogenic locations.
  • S/He will cost you less, because of no traveling and accommodation expenses.


  • You cannot meet the photographer before your wedding and so, won’t get a chance to know her/his nature and style, and so you have to rely just on recommendations, instead of personal judgment.
  • Communication may be a problem because of language barrier.

If you will be taking a photographer from your own area for your destination wedding, you will have to know some things beforehand.

Can you do that? – Some resorts compel to use their own vendors including wedding photographers. So, while booking a resort at the destination, inquire well if they have such a requirement. Some resorts do allow an outsider photographer for an additional fee.

Does s/he need a permit? – If you have planned the wedding in another country, your photographer may need a work permit. But this rule varies by country. Some countries don’t make permit compulsory if the photographer is going to shoot only your wedding and stay for a few days. You will have to inquire this.

Can you shoot? – You might have seen mind-boggling locations at the destination on the internet and dreaming about your wedding photos there. However you should inquire beforehand about whether you can actually shoot at those locations. This is because, some venues of historic or cultural importance either require you to obey certain rules while photographing or they don’t allow photography at all.

If you want to cherish your destination wedding all through your life, it should be captured in the camera by a perfect photographer, whether from your location or from the destination itself. Analyze the pluses and minuses of both and choose one that suits you the best.

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