Choosing A Perfect Indian Wedding Venue

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indian wedding-venueAn Indian wedding is distinct because of lots of religious rituals to perform, heavy and bright decorations, music and dance, and scrumptious elaborate meals. Therefore while looking for a venue for an Indian wedding, there are several things to consider. You may get many venues which match just right to your liking. For example, wedding venues in Delhi, India, are quite varied, ranging from standard venues like resorts, hotels and farmhouses to innovative ones like boats, country houses and art galleries. But while choosing amongst such various options, you have to consider some factors.

Whether it is roomy?

More than any other factor, the huge number of guests is remarkable in an Indian wedding. Obviously, you have to consider the roominess of the venue on priority. For example, at the time of reception lots of people gather on the stage to bless the newlyweds. There is a lot of hugging, chatting, hand-shaking, bowing (to pay regards) and posing for photos, and each group takes at least 5 minutes. Do you want this scene to look messy, clumsy or awkward, especially in photos? Certainly not. Also, so many people have to be served food neatly, they should get enough space to sit, stand and talk to each other while eating. Then there are music and dances, which too needs a lot of space. Unlike in a Western wedding, the newlyweds usually don’t participate in the dance in an Indian wedding, but the guests. Considering all these factors, roominess of the venue is what you have to look for first.

Enclosed or Open Venue

Whether you want a venue like a hotel, farmhouse or resort, which is enclosed in four walls, or an open one like a park or beach where you can tie the knot under the skies, depends on your choice. Traditionally, Indian weddings used to be held in enclosed venues. Even though it is held in an open space, the site of wedding is enclosed with a temporary pandal. But nowadays many Indian couples prefer to follow in the footsteps of Westerners, and arrange weddings in open in the company of Nature. A major benefit of an open venue is you save a lot. You neither have to pay a heavy rent for the venue, nor have you to spend much on decoration. The Nature is so beautiful that even a little decoration, like a gazebo or even a small stage with its entrance decorated makes wonders and creates a festive air.

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Parking Facility

Though usually every wedding venue has parking facility nowadays, it is certainly a point to check, so as to ensure that your big day will be smooth. If the venue has no parking lot of its own, it should at least be near some open space where vehicles can be parked legally and it should be available on your wedding day.


If you are a perfectionist, you will want to ensure whether the venue has its every amenity functional and problem-free, like electric connections, lighting, toilets, and so on.

For a smooth Indian wedding, these are the basic points you will have to consider. Plus, you can also look into other things, like the surrounding of the venue, its interior décor, sincerity of staff, and so on. And then, you can celebrate your big day with a genuine Indian colorfulness.

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