Country Wedding Invitations Are Popular This Fall Season

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Western_Rodeo_Ticket_Invitation_MAINThe tradition of sending out wedding invitations has stood up to the test of time. Even in today’s fast-paced world, when SMSs and emails are available, couples prefer to send out signed and sealed wedding invitations. However one major change has taken place and it is that the invitations have no longer remained just a document providing the date and venue of the event – with an extensive range of styles, patterns and shapes, they express the persona of the couple and the wedding. One such style is country wedding invitations which has become immensely popular this fall season. The days are gone when a couple would approach a local stationery store and choose the best possible design from the available designs. Today internet has opened countless options of resources which the couple can consider for designing their wedding invitations. For example, take a look at Cottontail Digital Press for exclusive range of country wedding invitation ideas.


greeneryGreenery is an inevitable part of countryside and winding twigs and branches loaded with foliage, flowers and succulent-looking round fruits make wonderful borders for country wedding invitations. This is an apt design to denote the rusticity you love.


Western_Rodeo_Ticket_Invitation_MAINInvitations printed on a paper with a look of wooden board form another way of expressing your love towards countryside. The color and look of wood give a true rustic touch to the invitations.

Simply Flowers

flowersThough flowers can be included in a pattern of twigs or branches, they are equally appealing when put individually like spread in a farm or kept in a bottle or in any form they are seen in a village or wood!


treeA single big tree also makes a superb design for a country wedding invitation. Whether it is a single big tree or a group of tall and slender oaks or deodars, trees look beautiful and denote the long-lasting cheerful relationship between the bride and groom.


sceneryHow about a superb country scene? An extensive green meadow, a tiny cute house standing in its middle, complete with a fence, surrounded by some randomly standing tall and short trees – isn’t it awesome and truly rustic? You can choose any of the pastoral vistas seen commonly in villages and making us nostalgic!

If you trigger your imagination a little many such ideas can come to your mind and you can have country wedding invitations just as you want them. Such customized invitations show the taste of sender and reflect his/her personality. So, if you are planning to celebrate your big day soon, consider country wedding invitations to stand out and do something unique.