Dedicate a Day to Your Sweetheart!

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dedicate a dayIf yours or your closest friend’s wedding is around the corner and you want to gift your sweetheart or friend something very, very exclusive, but not getting any idea of what it can be, shall I give you a fantastic idea? Dedicate a Day on their name! Surprised? The idea is indeed surprising and wonderful. You can now dedicate a day on your own or someone else’s name who is your most beloved. But how can you? Let me tell you.

What is MyDayRegistry? has been formed as an exclusive way to let you express your heartfelt sentiments towards those who are invaluable to you. The website has been created by ordinary-looking people who got an extraordinary idea one day of gifting something very, very special – an entire day – to someone who you love the most! The founders of too are people who value their own family and friends because they created very valuable moments and memories in their lives and so, understand how important they are.

What Can You Do by Registering at

When you register with, you register a special day in the life of someone who you love very much. This day will commemorate that moment for years to come. Each day registered in this way is recorded under the name of its rightful owner in the official worldwide Day Registry – the only registry of its kind in the whole world! If you see some other registry of this type you can surely assume that it’s been copied from


What Do You Get?

You or whoever you have dedicated the day gets a certificate as a proof of their special title and ownership rights. This certificate is printed on a lovely parchment paper and is customized in extremely stylish calligraphy with the person’s name and occasion.

dedicate a day

Online Profile

One more superb aspect of this is you can create an online profile which you can customize fully with the details you want about your special day and add photos, videos and music to it! Such type of exquisite online profile can be accessed from anywhere in the world – so imagine, those who can’t attend your wedding because they are on the other corner of the world, can actually share your joy thoroughly! Isn’t it wonderful?


Types of Registry offers you to choose from three types of registry – State, Country and World! Through the State Registry, you can choose to have your or your beloved’s name in the registry of any of the 50 states of the USA. With the Country Registry, you can choose to have the name in the registry of any country in the world. And in the Worldwide Registry you can stake your claim all through the world as a unique international owner of the day you choose.

So, would you like to gift an entire day to your sweetheart? Go ahead and log into and dedicate a day to whoever is the most beloved to you and make them understand that they are very, very special to you!