DIY Wedding Flowers –Pride for the Bride

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DIY wedding FlowersIf you are planning to spend as less as you can on your big day, you certainly must be thinking of doing things yourself, but wondering which tasks you can really do yourself, right? Amongst all the wedding tasks, DIY wedding flowers are an easy and really enjoyable task. Flowers are adorable always and so, we gals love to play with them. Therefore, making their excellent arrangements for your wedding is not only easy, but a job you will have fun with. Here are some tips for DIY wedding flowers.

Think on Colors

Think upon the color scheme you have chosen for your special day and choose flowers matching that color scheme.

cheap container on dining table

Take Care of Roses

If you have chosen roses amongst the flowers, ensure that they will stay in a perfect shape for the whole day by removing all their thorns and leaves, cutting the bottoms of their stems at 45 degree angle and making them stand immediately in water. Choose a cool place to keep them till you will start arranging them.

Collect Right Accompaniments

Flowers are not the only ingredients of your flower arrangements. There are many small and big, and beautiful adornments to add to the beauty, like foliage, pearls, crystals, ribbons, and anything delicate and beautiful you can add to the flowers. Collect them. In case of foliage, you should take care same way as you do for flowers, like cutting their lower leaves, trimming stems and standing them in water.

Making A Bridal Bouquet

Hold your main flower of choice upright in front of you approximately 10 cm down and add one more to it, slightly angled. Then add the third, holding the flowers firmly all the time. Add a few more and the base of your bouquet will be ready.

diy bouquet - yellow flowers

Go on adding more flowers and foliage of your choice, by turning the bouquet a bit every time while adding a stem, slightly angled twirling in the same direction. Your aim should be a round and somewhat domed shape.

Stand in front of a mirror holding the bouquet in your hands and check if it is made according to your liking. Add some flowers or extras if needed. Don’t get stressed up by unevenly arranged heads of the flowers. You can correct them by easing the bouquet a little and moving them up or down as required, till you get your desired shape.

diy bouquet

When the shape of your bouquet becomes satisfactory to your liking, tie the stems firmly with a string or raffia still holding the flowers tightly together. After tying the bouquet, cut the stems to give your desired length evenly.

Now you can add anything you find lovable, like a beautiful ribbon, to hide the string. Tie the ribbon with a pin or in a nice bow or keep it just hand-tied. Keep the bouquet in water till required. While taking it out, dry the bottoms with tissue papers.

adorning bouquet

Centerpieces and Other Decorations

Flowers look beautiful anyway you keep them. So, don’t be stressed up whether your arrangements will look good or not. Only care you should take is to keep them look fresh, which you can do as told above. To make centerpieces and other decorations, you can implement ideas like:

  • Choose some attractive containers and fill them with water with some sugar mixed in it. Ideally 1 tablespoon of sugar in 1 liter of water is enough (This is for keeping the flowers fresh for longer). Arrange flowers and foliage first around the rim of the container. Then arrange the second layer, with flowers slightly taller than the bordering flowers. Then make the third layer and so on, till you reach the center to complete the arrangement. The stems of the centering flowers and leaves should be the tallest. If you have taken a tall container, keep a thick sponge glued to its bottom and keep the flowers poked in it, so that you will not require very tall flowers. Keep these arrangements wherever you wish to. The containers you choose can be of various types, like decorated buckets, jars, old vases, small bowls, and so on. Some of them will form centerpieces and others will adorn corners of the hall, borders of aisle, and so on.


  • Stick single flowers (preferably roses), or tiny posies, to walls, columns, doors, curtains or your backdrop with adhesive tape. You can choose to stick different sizes of bouquets for different places to create a uniformity and beauty.
  • Make strings of flowers by passing a thread through the stems of flowers with the help of a needle. If you can create them by knotting the flowers, still better, because the flowers will remain fresh for longer that way. Hang these strings on your backdrop, walls, or doors, etc. Choose flowers with strong stems for this. You can also make other arrangements of these flower strings, like horizontal or spiral around the columns, etc. if you are ready to work a bit harder.

flower strings

  • Collect transparent or colored glass bottles and fill them with water mixed with sugar as told above. Keep single flowers or tiny bouquets in them and arrange them along walls, stands, etc. or hang from ceiling.

flowers in bottles

You can trigger your creativity a bit and lots of such ideas will come to your mind. You should only think upon whether you will be able to work hard and get time for all this decorations. If you can, there’s nothing like DIY wedding flowers, because you can tell your guests with pride that you have created them all by yourself.