DJ or Live Music: Things to Take into Consideration

Posted by on Mar 11, 2017 in Managing Wedding |

wedding musicOne of the most important choices you have to make when organizing your big day is surely choosing the right wedding entertainment. Although there are various ways to entertain your wedding guests, without the right music any event is doomed to fail. If your biggest concern is whether to have a DJ or live music for wedding, here are some things you should take into consideration.

The music type you choose for your wedding will surely set the tone of the event and, in general, it should match your wedding theme. Furthermore, wedding music is something your guests will most often remember about your big day. What should you think about? First of all, select musical genre(s) which would inspire the ambience you are looking to create. Also, keep in mind that your wedding music should reflect your personalities too. Is rockabilly your cup of tea? Will a romantic string quartet solidify your wedding theme? The atmosphere is also affected by the way the wedding music is delivered.

No matter if you opt for a DJ or live music, they should play both fast and slow songs, brand new and old tunes. This is the only way your all of your wedding guests are going to be encouraged to dance (all night long).

In general, if budget is your biggest concern, a DJ commonly costs less. Nevertheless, prices do vary and they depend on the day of the week (weekends are at least 50% more expensive than weekdays) and the requested equipment. Of course, a 8-piece live band will generally cost you more than a DJ, but if you want to hire a celebrity DJ, this might not be completely true. In addition, the prices vary by the amount of time you want your wedding music to play for.

Finally, you should consider your wedding venue. If you’re planing a small, private event, a 12-piece live band simply won’t have enough space to put their equipment (not to mention noise or electrical power supply limitations). Before you start looking for wedding music, be aware of any possible restriction regarding your wedding venue.