Enjoy Organising Your Wedding

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Organising a wedding ought to be a joyous experience. However, many couples find it exhausting, stressful and simply can’t wait for it to be over, looking forward to the honeymoon and not the Big Day.

There are, fortunately, ways in which the planning process can be made a little easier, allowing both bride and groom to derive pleasure from making the many arrangements. Here are a few top tips:

Take a deep breath

Before launching head first into colour schemes, venues, bomboniere and table decorations, write down the aim of the day, what’s important to you and what you really want to include. This is to help you not lose sight of the purpose of a wedding, namely the joining of two people. Keep this list handy so that you can be reminded that not securing your favourite cake-maker isn’t the end of the world. Take a deep breath and remember why you’re going through all of this. It might help keep your budget in check, too.


Order the rings early and keep them safe!

Whether gold, silver or platinum wedding rings are an important and powerful symbol of commitment and love. Thus the choice should not be made lightly, nor at the last minute. It’s worth assigning a decent portion of the budget to the rings and give ordering them the respect the ritual deserves.



Recruit some support

It’s traditional to appoint a best man, maid/matron of honour and bridesmaids. This elite task force has been brought together expressly to help you out and offer a helping hand, so use them! Get the best man to look round a venue with you. Ask a bridesmaid to pull in a favour with a local DJ. If you can delegate some tasks it will not only be an easier process for you, but it will allow the wedding party to feel truly involved.


Set a budget and stick to it

This is a tricky one, but try. Your resources are not infinite and though it might be tempting to take out a loan or ask your parents for some extra cash, is it really worth it just so that you can hire some swans? Think how long you could be paying the loan off? Agree a budget between you and work within it. Just because a wedding costs £25,000 doesn’t guarantee it’ll be great.

Hopefully the above will help you stay on track and enjoy the process as well as the wedding day itself.

Author Bio: Joseph Huckle is an avid blogger and writes for a plethora of subjects ranging from gold, silver or platinum wedding rings to suggesting the importance of using platinum and palladium in making modern jewellery. He lives in Birmingham, UK and enjoys the trending fashion statements.