Essential Wedding Invitation Tips

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Wedding invitations are often some of the first thing guests get. It sets a precedent on how the wedding will go and what it will be like. So, couples have to make sure that their invitations are perfect, or as close as to perfect as they can get them. What needs to be done to ensure that?

There are neat tips and tricks to remember when planning weddings and a lot of them have to do with wedding invitations. Here are a few of them brought to you by

Send “Save the Date” cards up to 12 months before the wedding

Even before wedding invitations, there are “Save the Date” cards. This is an easy way to tell your guests that you are getting married. It also lets them know to be on the lookout for the wedding invitations. Try to send them out a year before the actual wedding, so your guests have enough time to start planning.

Send your invitations up to three months prior

Similar to “Save the Date” cards, wedding invitations should be sent out well in-advance of the wedding itself. It is recommended to mail them around three months before. This will give the couple time to receive the responses and get in contact with the people who have not given their answer. Be sure to include an RSVP date of three to four weeks so your guests know when to have their answers by. It allows the guests to start planning their lives around the date while giving the couple information on who is coming and who is not.

Find your style

Wedding invitations should be a sneak-peek into what your wedding will be like. That means that you have to make your invites unique and a representation of you. If you like formal invites with the white paper and calligraphy, then that’s fine. You can also choose to have an outlandish invitation that will get guests talking. Whatever you like, you can do it.

Be specific about who is invited

This is to ensure no mix ups or awkward conversations. Be sure to be specific when sending out invitations. If you only want your cousin and their partner to go, say that. If you are not specific enough, then when the wedding arrives your cousin may have brought their kids along too. This can mess up the careful planning and seating arrangements that have been in place for months. You don’t want any issues on your big day, so remember to expressly state who you want to go. It will save you a lot of trouble.

Add a fun question

This is not required, but it is a good way to get guests involved. You can ask them about their favorite foods or colors. And when you get the RSVPs back, you can have a good time reading their responses. Guests will feel included and the couple will have a good laugh.

Check postage costs

It is important to know how much the invitations will cost before sending them out. Therefore, take samples or measurements of the invites to the post office. That way you can get an accurate quote on how much you will have to spend. If you do not know, you might be hit with a curveball that can mess up your carefully planned budget. Know your prices before paying.


You may think that you’ve reviewed your invites and got every mistake, but you might have missed something. Therefore, have someone else look over the text. A different set of eyes might pick up on a tiny error that wasn’t seen by you. That can save you from having an embarrassing mistake on all of your wedding invitations.