Event Furniture Hire: The Complete Guide For Wedding Planning

Posted by on Aug 1, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

Meta-Description:Event furniture hire can be extremely important when it comes to planning your dream wedding.

There’s a thousand and one things to be thinking about when it comes to wedding planning because, essentially, you’re trying to organise a party for everyone you’ve ever met, and everyone that you care about. It’s a bit of a big job. You’ll need to think about the food, the event furniture hire, the venue, the date, and a seating plan. And decorations, invitations, and have you even looked at cake yet? Probably about time you make a list!

event furniture hireWedding planning will help flex your multitasking skills like no other, but making a list will make everything much easier. There’s no way you can just go into this blind, it’s important to make a list of when you need each task done by.

Firstly, find and book the venue. This is absolutely vital, and will be the deciding factor about a lot of the rest of your wedding. While you might have an idea about numbers, this will give you a definitive answer of your absolute maximum. It will mean your date is set in stone, and you’ll be able to let your guests know where they need to be and when.

It will also give you some hints about event furniture hire. If you need tables and chairs, a bar, or little statement pieces this is when everything will become clear. Some venues will come with almost everything you need, but they won’t always. It can be difficult to source everything that you need, but an event furniture hire company should be able to provide (or source) everything you need. Give them as much notice as possible so you can get everything that you need.

Once you’ve sorted the venue you should send your invitations. Give plenty of notice to your guests (see a pattern here?), and ask that they RSVP to you well in advance. Usually you will have about 80% attendance at a wedding, and once you’ve got the final numbers you’ll be able to create seating plans and give numbers to your caterers.

After you’ve got the venue, the date, the invites and the event furniture hire sorted, you can get down to the finer details. Have fun sampling caterers wares and negotiating bargains. Perhaps the same company will be able to provide waiting staff and make your cake, but you might need to find separate companies to do that for you.

After all that, it’s probably time for a glass of wine. Tasting, anyone?