Extremely Stylish Wallet-style Wedding Invitations

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wallet-style wedding invitationsWhen it comes to your wedding, you want everything the best! Wedding invitation is no exception. You want the latest style for your special day invitations, and the latest style is wallet-style!

Wallet-style invitations are an extremely stylish and trendiest alternative to traditional wedding invitations. You will be amazed by the variety offered in the wallet-style invitations. These invitations are far more decorative than the traditional invitations, and with them, you get an opportunity to introduce your wedding color scheme or theme more emphatically.

Wallet-style invitations are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also extremely functional because you can put additional cards in them, such as guest information cards and RSVP cards.

What is a Wallet-style Invitation?

As it is clear from its name, a wallet-style invitation is made in the shape of a wallet in which various parts of the invitation can be placed before it is tucked in an envelope. The concept of the wallet-style invitation is that it holds all pieces of invitation like the actual invite, guest information such as date, timing, venue, directions to reach there, etc, and RSVP card together. With wallet-style invitations there is hardly any chance for the guests to misplace the direction list because it is conveniently placed along with the invitation card.

The wallet-style invitations are getting increasingly popular and their popularity can be attributed to the increasing number of guests who live or work far from the place where they were brought up. Such guests need additional information about travel arrangements and accommodation which can be conveniently placed in a wallet-style invitation.

Wallet-style invitations are of three types:

Portable Wallet-style Wedding Invitation

A portable wallet invitation is a single card wallet that cannot be unfolded. It is created in such a manner that individual cards like the actual invite, direction list, RSVP card and gift list card can be slid inside. The wallets can be made highly ornamental with crystal, ribbon or fabric embellishments. If you have planned your big day with various colors, make each card in the wallet have a different color to signify your color theme.

portable wallet invitation

Bi-fold Wallet-style Wedding Invitation

A bi-fold wallet invitation has a single fold and can be opened to show two interior sections. One section has the invitation text on it, while the other has a wallet attached to it in which you can tuck your RSVP card and gift list card. You can choose to have the fold horizontal or vertical. Bi-fold wallets are less costly than tri-fold wallet invitations but are not as easy to make as portable wallets.

bi-fold wallet

Tri-fold Wallet-style Wedding Invitation

A tri-fold wallet invitation has two folds which can be opened to show three interior sections. The central section has the invitation text on it. Each of the other two sections can have a wallet attached if you want to insert a lot of other cards, or you can have a wallet attached for RSVP and gift list cards and the other for printed directions. Tri-fold wallet invitations are ideal for couples who want to provide a lot of information to their guests along with the invites, and also to those who want additional card space for multilingual wedding invitations.

tri-fold wallet

So, you can choose the utmost stylish wallet-style invitation for your big day according to your special needs, and impress your guests to make them remember your special day for long.