Finding the Right Wedding Photographer – What to Look for in the Portfolio?

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finding the right wedding photographerYou are advised about how to choose a photographer for your big day, and a major among the advices is to look keenly at the portfolio of the photographer to judge her/his previous work. But do you know exactly what to look for while checking the wedding photographer’s portfolio? If you know that, you can take a more educated decision, right? So, let’s see that.

Unless you are not a good photographer yourself, you cannot understand what exactly to look for. Anyone can tell if a photo is good, but nobody can usually tell why it is good. And for that, you need to have some knowledge.

Coordination of Color

Look for the use of color coordination in the photos. Colors which are far from each other on the color wheel interestingly complement each other the best. You should check for those colors in the photos in the portfolio, not only in the wedding décor, but also involved in shots that show natural surrounding or special monumental features of a venue.

color coordination

Leading Lines

Wedding photos having powerful directional lines can help direct the eye, give rise to a sense of symmetry and balance, and just sharpen things up in general.

Shape and Patterns

See if the photographer has made use of the texture and shape of details in close-up shots. Such photos add an interesting touch to any wedding spread. Robert Capa, the famous Hungarian photojournalist says that if your photos are not good enough, it means you are not close enough. And this is perfectly true about photos of wedding rings, flowers, jewelry or any other details of wedding.


Rule of Thirds

Look for whether the “Rule of Thirds” has been used in the photos. Visualize four lines which divide a photo into thirds horizontally and vertically. Using these lines as balancing subjects and guides between the four “hotspots” where the lines cross, gives rise to more dramatic effect in the photos.


Using another object or group of objects in the shot to frame the subject offers depth to the photo, organizes it and provides context to the shot. You can find if the photographer has used this technique cleverly while checking the portfolio. It offers the photos a cool and personal effect and makes them unique.


Look also for the use of light from angles, like side, front and also backlighting. You can judge the competence of the photographer by her/his ability to take good shots in any kind of lighting. Also look for the “Golden Hour” of photography, which means the hour just before sunset or after sunrise, which is considered to be the best time for photography, as the light is the softest. If the photographer calls you for the engagement photo in the afternoon, you better move to another photographer.

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These points are only a few amongst many of the judging factors while choosing a photographer for your special day. But they will make you more enlightened and help you take a correct decision. And that will make you confident that you have chosen a right wedding photographer.

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