Get Silky Smooth Straight Hair with Hair Straighteners for Your Big Day

Posted by on Dec 12, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

MKIIIBlacksmallWomen who have straight hair envy those with curly hair, but they don’t understand how troublesome it is to manage curls. If you are the owner of such unmanageable curls and your big day is around the corner, you will definitely want to straighten them in order to look fabulous on your wedding and you can do it today with ease. Take a look at the hair straighteners and accessories like hair iron holder, heat protection serum, professional hairdressing scissors and many more by which are so easy to use and affordable. Let’s take a look at some easy methods of straightening curls.

Two Types

The basic two types of hair straightening are temporary and permanent. Thermal and chemical treatments make the hair straight and smooth permanently, while flat ironing, brushing and blow drying make it temporarily straight. The most popular devices used to straighten hair are:

  • Bobby Pins: When you secure your curls with bobby pins after washing and when they are still wet, they become straight.
  • Roller Sets: This is perhaps the most popular method of straightening curly hair. Almost all salons in the world use it. Many women try to avoid them because they are seemingly tedious and time-consuming. With practice and patience, you can do it easily and make it a weekly activity during your hair care routine.
  • Blow Drying: Using a proper dryer with a heat protection, curly hair can be straightened quickly and easily. You also get a number of attachments which you can connect to the dryer so as to help you in the process of straightening. These include comb and brush too. Even you can use paddle brushes, round thermal styling, and so on. Once the hair is straightened in this way, you can use a flat iron to smooth and style your hair further.
  • Flat Iron: A ceramic flat iron can straighten hair without damage after applying a heat protectant. Ensure that the flat iron has setting to adjust the heat so as to save hair from scorching or burning. According to the texture of hair, lower temperature setting can be used to straighten the curls.
  • Chemicals: The action of chemical straighteners is to break down or loosen the bonds in the hair so as to loosen the pattern of curl. You can keep relaxed hair healthy and maintain it at home if you persistently do treatment and limit the use of direct heat. Two types of chemicals are used – calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide.
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