Getting Your Wedding Sponsored

Posted by on Nov 4, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

sponsored weddingIt’s not news that weddings are expensive. In the US, the average cost of tying the knot is about $25,000 which is quite lot money, isn’t it? Of course, you can always be on budget and try to cut costs, but the question is whether you’ll get the wedding you’ve been dreaming of? Some couples save like crazy, others take on debt, while there are those who simply restrict the number of guests. But, there is a way to have the perfect event without spending a fortune: sponsored weddings. Although it may not be the most romantic way to go, having a sponsored event might be the right option to cut some wedding costs. But, how does the whole thing work? Read on to find out!

sponsored wedding 1The trend of sponsored low profile events is growing and instead of paying for their weddings, more and more couples choose to get some or the whole thing sponsored by local businesses or global brands. Simply, you let vendors advertise at your wedding and they can either give you something for free or you could get a huge discount.

sponsored wedding 4But, how to get connected with local businesses that are willing to help you with your wedding costs? If you think you don’t have the guts to ask local caterers for the discount in return for advertising at your big party, you’re not lost. We’ve found an online platform created to connect couples with local businesses that would love to endorse events in exchange for advertising – Endorsevent. With this platform, you can find sponsorship not only for weddings, but for baby showers, concerts and similar events that mean a lot to you.

sponsored wedding 3Having a wedding sponsored is a pretty new idea, so many people don’t even know about it, while there are those who strongly disagree with the whole thing. Nevertheless, I think that it is possible to have both sponsored and tasteful wedding. You just need decide what too much advertising is and to set some boundaries before even looking for vendors. By no means should you get talked into something you dislike. So, a huge banner hanging over your wedding band might be going too far, while a small logo on your favors might be just fine (and cute, too).

But, why should any local vendor be interested in sponsoring your big day when they can get paid to do absolutely the same thing? To be honest, popular caterers, photographers and florists are probably not going to accept sponsoring you, because they already have enough clients. However, there are many people who are actually starting up business and they need to be noticed. If you think they are good at their job, chances are both you and vendors will find sponsorship advantageous. Nevertheless, just because someone is willing to give you something for free doesn’t mean you should accept it. Make sure you really love their work! The businesses will get the chance to reach out a big group of people and that will cost them less than traditional advertising.

sponsored wedding 5You see, there’s no need to take on debt just to make the perfect wedding. So, if you’re considering sponsored wedding as a solution or you are a new vendor looking for a way to break into the wedding market, check out Endorsevent and we’re sure you’ll get lucky!