Handle the Wedding Planning to a Professional and Enjoy Your Pre-nuptial Days

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wedding plannerMany brides are much excited about their big day and want everything to be done under their own supervision, so, hiring a wedding planner is out of question for them. It’s not unnatural for a bride to think that nothing can be done perfectly without her interference, as far as her wedding is concerned. After all, she dreams about her most special day since many years, and when the day arrives, how can she think of handling it to someone else? However, as days pass, she may lose the interest as she understands how hectic the job is. Especially if she is working, she finds it very difficult to keep 3-4 appointments per day with different wedding vendors, work upon the guest list and meet her fiancé too to enjoy the pre-nuptial romance. And then she realizes the need to get help with wedding planning.

The Excitement may be Lost

If you don’t want to become such a bride who has lost the excitement that came when she met her sweetheart and got engaged, consider hiring a wedding planner. If you think of planning your own wedding, it may introduce you to the future days of hard work when you will be a wife of someone rather than a free bird, and that may bewilder you and suck up the romance in the plans of getting married.

Why? Why would that happen?

As a young girl, you can enjoy a lot of free time, without any big responsibilities. But wedding planning is a huge task that takes a lot of time and painstaking contemplation. When you see your friends’ wedding, you see only the nice decoration, delicious feast, beautiful wedding venue, and such pleasant things; but you hardly might have realized how much time and efforts it might take for all the bash. Therefore you feel excited to plan your wedding the same way. But when it comes to actual planning, you realize how hard it is.

Wedding planning starts right from finding a suitable wedding venue, and every other task related to it, like checking its availability, checking all amenities it offers, negotiating with the management for the price, and so on. If any problem occurs with the venue, you have to look for another. Then you have to find other vendors, like dress designer, jeweler, accessories like shoes and purse, caterer, decorator, photographer, videographer, musician or other entertainer and florist. Each of these has their different set of issues to tackle with. In between you have to take appointments of your makeup artist and hair stylist, give trials of your wedding dress, find your dream engagement ring and other jewelry, send invites, save-the-date cards and RSVP and choose wedding favors, besides conducting meetings and negotiating with all these vendors. Do you think you will have energy remained after finishing all these tasks to meet your beau and spend some romantic time with him? Also can you look like a fresh, cheerful, innocent girl on your big day who hasn’t yet experienced any hard time or stress?

Wedding planning is not actually stressful. It becomes stressful because you are not used to it. On the other hand, it’s the job of a professional wedding planner. S/He does it regularly and so, can do it with much more ease and smoothness than you. And you need not worry about whether s/he will do something which you won’t like. Any professional wedding planner will first sit with you and understand what your expectations are. And even after that, s/he won’t hire any wedding venue or vendor without your approval.

So, if you want to truly enjoy the romance of your upcoming nuptial, don’t take the responsibility of planning your wedding. Hand it over to a professional and you relax and have fun. You can do a lot of other things like going to spa and getting your beauty accentuated, spend dream outings with your sweetheart or enjoy hens parties, and give valuable suggestions to your planner! That will make you look the most youthful on your big day.

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