Hidden Wedding Costs

Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

The first thing all couples do when they start their wedding plans is setting the budget, even though nobody wants to think about the costs when planning the big day. It is always recommended to look for as many money-saving offers as possible, as well as for some coupons that will cut some of the costs (for example, at mefindcoupon.com). Usually, nobody manages to stick to the budget completely because they encounter those little-known financial pitfalls, those costs that somehow slide under the radar.

Wedding band equipment costs are commonly hidden, because wedding reception space may be larger and more difficult to project the required sound quality. Additional microphones, speakers and other items would be needed. This undoubtedly means extra costs. This hidden cost can be avoided, if you clearly explain the layout of the reception space, so the musicians know exactly what they will be working with.

Postage stamps are also hidden cost, because stationers usually do not advertize the shipping costs. This means that the bulky invitation and multilayer cards can cost you about $2 each additionally to be mailed. Therefore, choose simpler invitations and skip those fancy boxed.

Many services, including photographer, DJ and band are being booked for just a certain amount of time. Therefore, plan your wedding reception carefully because if it runs a little longer than planned, you will be charged per hour, extra. However, if you want to enjoy your wedding day and to have an opportunity to decide to keep your lovely party going, you should get their overtime costs in writing. Keep in mind that those costs should not be more than 50% more than regular per hour rate.

Breakdown and cleanup costs are typically something many couples forget to include in their budget. So, when signing the contract, read it carefully and insist on including the breakdown and setup costs in the labor charge.