How to Choose Amongst Different Wedding Videography Packages?

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Videography packagesSo, you have chosen to create a story of your big day through a wedding video. It’s a superb choice. But do you feel confused while taking a look at the various packages available at the videographer? Maybe you like some package, but it also contains a lot of things about which you are not sure if you want them (and what they are actually) or want something else instead. But all in all, you want your wedding video to be unforgettably awesome like the ones taken by this Cheshire wedding videographer. Let’s see how should you understand and choose amongst the different packages.

Cost for Extra Cameras and Videographers

You certainly don’t want the videographer to miss any of your golden moments. But then a question arises in your mind about the cost of extra cameras and videographers. And you are not the only one to have this question in mind. However as each wedding videography company is different, this cannot be definitely known. Still we can take a look at the different factors that decide that sort of coverage you get.

Cameraman’s Style

This is the most important factor which determines the quality of your wedding video. You can judge it while watching sample videos. Check whether the cameraman comes under one of the following categories.

Glued to the Tripod – Using a tripod has become widespread in the field of professional videographers; however, it is only good for preplanned film shootings with actors playing their roles and not for a wedding. A wedding is an event wherein anything can happen which the videographer should be ready to capture. A wedding video is not a film to be created in a pre-decided manner, but an unpredictable and therefore, challenging event. Moreover, anyone with one-day training can efficiently use a camera mounted on a tripod, for which you need not pay big bucks.

Running Here and There – Though exclusively using a tripod is not desirable, not using one at all shows that the videographer is running here and there for shots, which is distracting and intrusive. In such a case, you will have to ensure that the videographer is less intrusive.   

Shouting Orders – The videographer giving orders like “Smile”, “Turn your face”, etc spoils the video when they are caught on the tape. While watching the sample video, you should check whether the videographer comes in this category.


Many couples don’t know the importance of sound in the wedding video. The wedding videographer’s brochure may include phrases like “wireless microphones”. While watching the sample video you should also check whether the use of sound has been made effectively. Especially important situations like exchanging vows should be captured clearly.


Several wedding videography companies charge extra for additional items like slide shows, special effects and highlights. Watch samples of these too to check what you are getting for the price. Many times, especially if the editor is not professional, templates are used to create the final product, which offers the film an unpleasant feel. Remember that it hardly takes 20 minutes to work on templates, so you need not pay a fortune for that.

A real professional videographer does editing so as to make the coverage look good with simple cuts and later adds special effects to emphasize certain moments.

Extras like slide shows are good, but you should check the price. Sometimes they are added to the package for easy extra money, but actually they are for giving flexibility to the clients and for personal choice.

Check all these aspects in the wedding videography packages and after studying the sample videos carefully, decide which one is best for you, so that you can enjoy your story of romance for years to come without any disturbing money-matters.