How to Choose the Best Wedding Photo Booth

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

wedding photo boothsHiring a wedding photo booth is today’s hottest trend and why not? After all, the wedding couple and their guests love it alike. However, it will be good to know how to choose the best amongst various photo booths for your wedding.

Ease to Use

The primary important thing to know is whether the photo booth is easy to use for you and your guests and the time it takes to print the photos. Therefore make a note to take a trial of the booth before you make a payment. Many guests are irritated because of the long time it takes to print photos or the complication included in its use. It takes just a few minutes to test whether the booth will be easy to use or not. Tell the rental company why you want to test it without being explained how to use it. This will give you the best idea what your guests will be getting on your big day.

Often the staff sent by the rental company with the booth spends time partying instead of explaining the guests how to use the booth. On the other hand, some rental companies don’t send any employees; thus your guests have to operate it totally on their own.

Therefore you should ensure that the photo booth you are planning to hire is easy to operate. Most booths have no instructions about their operation; so, if you cannot figure out how to use one easily, there are high chances that your guests too will find it difficult.

Also this difficulty can be overcome by including a small sign explaining the usage of the machine; this will be great to encourage more and more guests to try the booth.

Ensuring Appearance

Another thing you should ensure is your guests should be able to see themselves before and during shots. This will help them ensure that everybody is in the frame. Having an understandable countdown between shots will increase the amount of good shots. This will get you more shots to enjoy later.


Next thing to look for is printing. There are various printing choices with different photo booths. E.g. a photo booth can allow you to have multiple prints by setting the number of prints you want. This is great because it ensures that every guest can get his/her own copy.

Backgrounds and Props

You can also get various backgrounds and if you want a particular one, you can get that. Also you can get backgrounds that can be changed, so that your guests can choose their own choice of background. Plus props are additional fun for your guests. If you don’t get props, you may want to pick up fun props and leave them in a box near the booth.

Taking Photos Home

Last thing to ensure is about how guests can take their copies home. Envelopes or plastic bags having your wedding date as well as names printed on them add a great touch which allows guests to take the photos home safely and remember you forever.