Lavish Wedding and Money-saving Can Go Hand-in-Hand

Posted by on Aug 5, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

wedding money-savingNo doubt, wedding is our dream and it is but natural to get excited while planning the event. You might have dreamed of a lot of extravaganza to make your big day unforgettable. But at the same time you might think of your budget and want to save as much money as you can. Believe it or not, it is possible to have a lavish wedding without spending piles of cash. There are several ways to save wedding expenditure, major being wedding discounts and vouchers, planning early, avoiding a Saturday wedding, and many more.

Wedding Discounts and Vouchers

There’s a very good website named where you get incredible range of vouchers and discount offers on wedding products by reputed wedding vendors. There is also a nice variety in the types of discounts and offers, like percentage discounts, cash discounts, seasonal discounts, selected item discounts, interest free credit, free delivery, free postage and package, and much more, on wedding goods like jewelry, cake, clothing, luxury watches, engagement and wedding rings, party supplies, gifts, furniture and home accessories, and so on. If you visit this site and get the benefit of these incredible deals, you can save a lot of money there itself.

Early Planning

Start planning early for your big day, so that you can book venue, caterer and florist earlier, which gives you the advantage of flexibility at least with one aspect of wedding like the location or the date, and you can get the benefit of off-season prices.

Saving on Venue

If you choose your wedding venue carefully, you can save a lot of money. For example, an outdoor venue which has a unique atmosphere can save you a lot on decoration. By booking one of the restaurants that have tables and linens, and place settings already can save plenty on rentals. It is also nice to find venues which have package deals that offer wedding planners and discount on vendors.

Number of Guests

Nearly all wedding costs are calculated on a per-person basis. Therefore keeping your number of guests low is an excellent way to bring down your wedding expenditure. To avoid misunderstanding, eliminate entire categories, like children, colleagues, etc.

What is Your Priority?

Think upon what you want essentially and what you can skimp. Is it your jewelry, or wedding entertainment, or the venue? After you decide this, you can think on splurge on these factors, while saving on others.

Avoid A Saturday Wedding

Saturdays are the days when wedding costs are the highest, whether it is for venue or for caterer. So, having a wedding on convenient weekdays is the best way to save a significant amount.

Saving through Daytime Wedding

It has been observed that serving lunch or brunch is much more economical than dinner, though the food is same. So, if you plan for a daytime wedding, you can again save much of your cash.

Resell Your Wedding Supplies

This is an after-wedding saving, which can get you reimbursement of your wedding expenses. You will find plenty of websites, where you can do that. You can get rid of your non-essential wedding items even on Facebook.

Once you know how to manage the wedding expenditure, you can save thousands of dollars and enjoy a stress-free wedding.