Live Wedding Bands for Hire – Non-musical yet Essential Factors to Consider

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live wedding band hireThough bridal dress, jewelry, accessories and wedding venues are important components of a wedding, no one can deny the importance of music in the wedding. Music creates the appropriate atmosphere required for the ceremony, though you don’t pay keen attention to the musicians. And so, though you hire some other entertainment for your guests, hiring a wedding band is almost a must, if you want your guests to enjoy your big day and remember it for years. Though you can get wedding bands for hire through entertainment agencies, hiring through a website which provides you direct access to high quality bands is more advantageous because you save money since you don’t have to pay fees to the agency.

Searching the Band

Start searching for the band at least about six months prior to your wedding, by determining which musical combination best suits the atmosphere of your wedding. If you want something traditional, choose a band with a vocalist or two. Get suggestions from friends, relatives and even your other wedding vendors, as these are good reliable sources.

If you want something unusual and unique, you can even hire the local band you love, for your big day. But while hiring a band which is not habituated to play on weddings, you should confirm that they will come on time. Concerts at clubs can be late, but it should not be the case with your wedding.

Judge Quality

Experts suggest to hire a band that regularly works together to ensure a tight sound. Also take stock of the places where the band has played, as that will show its professionalism level. And of course, you can ask for references. A past client satisfied with the band’s performance is the best referral. If you cannot get such a referral, there can be a reason for that.


All the musical magic should not be ruined just because legal formalities were not completed. The contract you make with the band should contain each and every detail from the names of each member of the band to a particular song list. It should also contain the timings of arrival and departure, setup arrangements, liability, insurance coverage, attire, food and drinks for the musicians, payment schedule, break times, transportation arrangements if any, and overtime and other unforeseeable charges.

Size of the Band

You should consider the band size because that will affect your budget and venue. Even though your budget allows you to hire band containing 20 musicians, if the room cannot accommodate such a big number, what’s the fun? Another issue can be access to big instrument like a piano or organ. So, you will have to consider all these matters and hire the band accordingly.


Number of breaks should be set beforehand. Typically three to four breaks in a four-hour reception, like one 20-minute break and others of 10 to 15 minutes, are set. If music is to be played continuously, members of the band will take alternate breaks and there is no need to play CDs to fill in the gaps. Otherwise, the bandleader has the responsibility to play select tapes or CDs during the breaks.

Food for the Band

The musicians have to be served food without including them in the guests. Ask the caterer or hotel about vendor meals, which they often offer at a discounted price.

These are the factors to take into account while choosing a live band for your big day, so that the day can be real fun and entertainment for you and your guests. Though these factors are not dreamy and musical, they are necessary in order to keep the charm of your most charming day of life!