Look Not Only Best But Unique in a Retro Wedding Dress

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MG_6312asSmartObject1A bride’s ultimate dream is to look the best on her wedding. And believe it or not, there is no better way to do that than choosing a retro wedding dress and accessories. Everything from the past has faded away, but fashions of those times still rule. And there is such a wide choice for a bride! A retro wedding dress is not just beautiful but also unique. Take a round through the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s fashions and choose any one, the bride is sure that no other bride has what she has got! DyStyle is an excellent source to view a mind-blowing array of retro fashions.

There are so many benefits of retro wedding dresses! Some of them are:

  • Higher quality production, especially the dresses from the 50s and earlier
  • Innumerable styles to choose from
  • Uniqueness

White or Non-white?

Today’s brides are increasingly choosing to wear non-white for their wedding. Actually there is no rule that a bride should wear white or there is some “authentic wedding dress”. The tradition started with or by Queen Victoria in 1840 when she married Prince Albert, because she wanted to denote frugality, as white dresses were much cheaper than colored ones. Before that most brides wore colored gowns like red, green, purple and even black.


If you are going to wear colored bridal dress, consider the tone of your hair and skin, and choose accordingly. Dark-skinned, dark-haired brides look best in stark white. Redheads with fair skin ones can choose ivory, while very warm cream, champagne or ivory dresses go with any skin tone.


Though several retro wedding dresses tend to be small-sized, they are available in all sizes. Certain shapes of dresses are more sympathetic than others. E.g. the 30s dresses are normally cut on the bias which enables stretch and movement of fabric. By the 50s, bridal gowns were mass produced and were available in several sizes.


Shopping for Your Retro Bridal Gown

Though there are numerous places to look for retro wedding collection, it is smart to visit a dedicated retro shop like DYStyle.ro and go through their collection to determine era and shape you desire the most. They have perhaps the largest and most stylish collection of vintage wedding dresses and accessories, so whatever you wish you will get it here.

Shopping online can be tricky if you don’t know your exact measurements. Make someone take them with a fabric measurement tape.

Characteristics of Bridal Dresses According to Era


Looks: Sheath, loose-fitting, no waistband, narrow shoulder, airy, sac-like

Best Brides: Apple, straight and petite figures. Small busts, narrow shoulders, small to medium buttocks and any size of waistline



Looks: Slim, columnar and narrow, curvy, often bias cut

Best Brides: Tall, slender, straight and curvy

Note: Actually these styles look gorgeous on slim long body frames but also on curvy figures. Secret here is to choose smoothing undergarments.



Looks: Sweetheart neckline, puffed shoulders, narrow or full skirts with shorter lengths. This was an era when brides usually wore wedding suits.

Best Brides: Hourglass, curvy or apple figure, and plus size

Note: These dresses suit various figures. If you have sloped or narrow shoulders or a little broad waistline, this is a good era to choose.



Looks: Full skirt (full length or tea length) with crinoline, fitted waist, princess cut

Best Brides: Curvy, pear-shaped, petite, hourglass and even plus size figures. Works also well with small or full busts and a defined waistline

Note: 50s dresses feature small waistlines but full busts. To improve the fit, a visit to the tailor is advisable.