Looking at Wedding Venues in Adelaide? Choose A Planner or Coordinator

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venue coordinator and plannerYou’ve thought about it. You’ve certainly dreamt about it. You’re looking for a location to host the party of your lifetime: your wedding reception. Before you visit all the wedding venues Adelaide, consider getting help. Sure, your mum, your sissy, your best mate, or your cousin may volunteer to be by your side, but are they official wedding planners or venue coordinators?

Friends and Family

Unquestionably, your friends and/or family can offer you invaluable input. They know just about everything there is about you and your fiancé. They know the dramatic intricacies of your family dynamic. By all means, be sure you have one of them (or all of them?) at your side, as you and your groom discuss and make the final arrangements for reception seating assignments. You might forget that Uncle Eric and Auntie Nickie haven’t spoken for a decade, but your mum (or his mum) sure won’t.

Image by Jonathan Day via Flickr

Image by Jonathan Day via Flickr

Poll for Connections

And, certainly tap friends and family for any possible wedding venues Adelaide connections. You never know who might have once worked their first job at a Baker’s Delight with someone who’s now a hotel executive, or gone to summer camp with someone who manages pop bands.

Go Pro

But when it comes down to it – if you want the most knowledgeable person – who has full access to the most beautiful venues, a book-sized contact list and can get the best deals, then it’s time to bring in the big guns: you’ll have to consider hiring a professional. You may have seen the middling romantic comedy “The Wedding Planner” starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, in which La Lopez plays a wedding planner who falls for the groom (and, of course, he for her). The basic wedding planner duties are there, although, clearly the one big fictionalized no-no is for a romance with the bride or groom.

Wedding Planner Vs. Venue Coordinator

Before you begin your search, to find that special someone to help you choose your wedding venue Adelaide be sure you understand wedding terminology, specifically, the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator – these two can work together, but are not the same person.

The Wedding Planner

A wedding planner’s services involve all facets of the wedding and include interviewing the couple, budget prep, event designing and styling, venue scouting, checklist planning, attendee list organizing, event venues, hiring wedding professionals (including caterers, photographers, videographers, beauticians, florists and bakers. A wedding planner should be knowledgeable about contracts for the aforementioned vendors, while procuring décor, coordinating deliveries and services on wedding and helping to prepare legal documentation, which not only includes registries and certificates, but additional services for those who opt for a destination wedding. Wedding planners can be found worldwide, but with a concentration in the USA, western Europe and China.

The Venue Coordinator

A vastly different job is that of venue coordinator, generally chosen by brides who decide not to have a wedding planner. A bride and her minions (aka family and friends) are much more involved with there’s only a venue coordinator to help, because that venue coordinator is employed by the actual venue where the service and/or reception will take place. A venue coordinator assists with the venue in general (tables, chairs and place settings only) , selection of food and beverage and all catering needs. They’ll arrange menu tastings and they also provide a final invoice.

How to Choose

So the bottom line comes down to control and cost. How much control do you need beyond your wedding service and venue? If you lack confidence and time, a wedding planner is the choice for you. However, if you are comfortable with the dress, wedding party, tuxedo rental, décor, themes, contract etc, then a less-hands-on coordinator will suit.

Either way, both are prepared to help a bride make her day the dream she’s always envisioned.