Marriage License – Your Foremost Essential

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marriage licenseYour big day is around the corner and you are making big plans, remembering your would-be every now and then and smiling and blushing, choosing gown and jewelry to look your best on the day and making plans to celebrate the day in a way your guests wouldn’t have seen before, right? But among all these happy moments, have you forgotten something very, very important? Your marriage license? In whatever dazzling way you celebrate your big day, it is not legal, unless you get a marriage license! Therefore, make an addition to your list of pre-wedding to-do’s – apply for marriage license. What else will you have to do? Here are some essentials.

Plan Some Days in Advance

Different states have different rules to secure marriage license. Some states need you to do it at least 72 hours before the marriage. So, don’t waste time and wait till the 11th hour. However, applying too far in advance is also not recommended, because a marriage license has an expiry date, from 30 to 90 days after its issuance.

You and Your Partner

You and your partner will have to apply personally together for the marriage license, which means that this is a pre-wedding to-do you cannot dump on someone else, e.g. your mom.

A Valid Identification

You will need a valid identification, so find it ahead of time. Some states only require your passport or driving license, but some may require birth certificates.

Proof that You are Unmarried

If any of you was formerly married, you will have to produce divorce papers or the death certificate of previous partner to show that your earlier marriage is legally ended and now you are unmarried.

Right Form of Payment

Enquire beforehand in what form you will have to make the payment, cash, credit card, check or any other form. This is a table you can refer to for the requirements in various states in the US for a marriage license.  However, note that some rules may vary from county to county or city to city. Therefore, it is recommended to check by calling or online.

Different Rules

Some states need you to get a blood test done.

This article refers to marriage licenses and rules regarding them in the US. Different countries have different rules, but marriage license is necessary everywhere. So, take care to apply for it just on time.