Modern Vintage Style Bridal Jewelry for A Touch of Class

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vintage jewelryIf you want to add a touch of class to your bridal ensemble, there is no better way to do that than wearing something vintage. And what can be better to wear than vintage jewelry when you want to wear something old on the most remarkable day of your life? Modern vintage style is a superb combination of old and new, offering you a trendy air as well as that “cultural” or “historical” aura to your bridal persona. has a range of such wonderful designs for you and for your bridesmaids too, who will feel that you have really splurged on them!

Difference between Vintage and Vintage-inspired

A piece of jewelry which is more than 20 years old, but not more than 100 years old is called vintage jewelry, whereas the jewelry which is more than 100 years old comes in the category of antiques. The less than 20 years old jewelry is pre-owned. If you want to call a jewelry piece vintage, it should entirely hail from a particular era. Modern jewelry with some vintage elements added is not vintage.

There is also one more category – vintage-inspired. What are they? They are modern replicas of vintage pieces. They can exactly replicate a vintage piece or can be designed upon the theme. They can also be called “vintage look”, “vintage styled” or “vintage inspired”.

Types of Vintage Bridal Jewelry

While wearing vintage jewelry on your big day, you should consider the factor of matching. This is because not all vintage pieces may suit your bridal gown, makeup etc. So, you should consider buying vintage jewelry that matches your bridal gown. Another thing is your would-be husband too may buy some jewelry which you should wear to respect him. In that case, your vintage jewelry should match that jewelry. Even some families have a tradition to present some jewelry to the new bride. If this happens with you, you should consider the matching factor.

Vintage Rings

If you are going to wear additional vintage rings, keep in mind to choose ones which won’t outshine the engagement and wedding rings. If you choose a simple yet elegant design and the metal same as that of your wedding ring, and wear this ring on the opposite hand, that will match perfectly. Also choosing appropriate size is important, because vintage rings are hard to resize without losing their uniqueness.

Vintage Engagement Ring or Wedding Band

If you are planning to wear a vintage ring for your engagement or wedding, be sure to get it checked by a reputed jeweler dealing in vintage jewelry. That way you can be sure that the ring is authentic.

Vintage Necklace

A vintage necklace is excellent piece of jewelry for a bride. Make sure that the style goes well with your other jewelry and also suits the shape of your gown. If your bridal gown is heavily sequined or jeweled or even embroidered, you don’t need necklace. So, hold on the temptation to buy one, until you choose the dress. If you are going to get family jewels, you should ask for a complete description beforehand, so that you can choose your wedding dress accordingly. This way, you will be sure that the jewels and the bridal gown will complement each other.

Consider buying other pieces of jewelry like bracelet, earrings and tiara on the factors like same metal and suitability to other jewelry.

Metals Used in Vintage Jewelry

Mainly four metals are used for vintage bridal jewelry – white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silver. Vintage replications may include a platinum piece. Only if more than one metal is present in a single jewelry piece, you can mix different colors of metals, otherwise not. A yellow gold bracelet with rose gold necklace and silver earrings will be a horrible combination.

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