Movavi – everything you need to make your wedding videos unforgettable

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movavi video converter for macWeddings are important events; once in a lifetime occasions that warrant much fanfare and celebration. It is essential that such an event be recorded in photos as well as videos for posterity. Movavi is an amazing video convertor that can then be used to spruce up your wedding videos, converting them from the available formats to any other format you prefer. Apart from seamless conversion, trust the software for adding a whole range of effects and customizing as per your requirement. Available at an affordable price, it can be a small but significant addition to the wedding budget.

Use Movavi to convert wedding videos and do various other useful things

If you own an Apple Mac, you can use Movavi as a top notch media converter for MAC. One of the main selling points of the Movavi video editor is that it has excellent conversion abilities. You can convert the video from any file type, whether it be DVD, AVI, MP4, FLV, SWF, MPEG-1, 2, MOV and all others. Moreover it also supports 4K videos and lets you convert them into file types that you can play not only on desktops, but mobile devices such as tablets and phones as well. This helps you in distributing the videos to those relatives who only have phones or tablets they use.

The one stop conversion tool for you

Movavi supports all the media players that are currently available, whether VLC, Windows, etc. Upload all the wedding videos to YouTube, where anyone can appreciate this special event, with the integrated YouTube feature that Movavi has. If you like some special frames captured in the video clips, you can take still images out of the videos and same them in different image formats. Movavi offers all this and much more. The interface is easy to use, thus making it accessible to laymen.

This complements the multi-format capabilities of the software, making it a complete package.