Open Air Photo Booth – An Extreme Crowd Pleaser

Posted by on Jan 26, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

benefits of open air photoboothWhile considering hiring a photo booth for the entertainment of your guests on your big day, you now have an excellent new alternative – an open air photo booth! An open air photo booth has a distinct open-air setup designed for party life and is far more inclusive and amusing than the traditional photo booths. Rather than guests having to queue up with only one box to stare at, they can actually see the fun going on and involve themselves by shouting ideas or jumping in the shots. Thus an open air photo booth offers an ultimate crowd enjoyment.

Besides being a great source of enjoyment, these open booths have other benefits too. You get photos and videos from them which are much better than you get from someone walking around or ordering people to take positions and say “cheese”, and guests are happy because they get their prints immediately to take away with.

Benefits of an Open Air Photo Booth

  • Its open-air design makes it an extreme crowd pleaser, amusing everyone, and not just those inside the booth.
  • Gives up to four photo strips in place of only two.
  • Offers huge range of backgrounds to select from.
  • Gives an option to upload photos to Facebook instantly.
  • Great photos because of professional lighting and camera
  • Makes it able to check photos before printing.
  • Enables recording video messages too.
  • Offers an option of photo booth without prints – a unique economical package.
  • Offers ease of transport, and so can be hired for locations which are inaccessible for traditional booths.
  • Accessible for the disabled.

What Do You Get?

Besides the ultimate fun, you and your guests end up with full rights to high resolution photos, strips and video messages. This means that you can print them, upload them on Facebook, adorn them on your walls or can keep them for a later date. None of them are watermarked and so they are truly yours forever.

If you have opted for a photo-booth album, you will also get a lovely memoir filled with fun photos and (probably drunken) personal messages from your guests. It’s a wonderful way to share and re-live the fun!

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