Perfect Wedding Rings for Her and Him

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wedding bands worldWhile choosing wedding rings and bands, the couple and especially the groom, is quite confused. The jewelry terminology may seem foreign to them and an apparently endless range of rings may further make it more difficult to understand where to begin and what to select. There are some considerations to make, so as to find a wedding ring for the bride, which complements her wedding ring and a wedding band for the groom that suits his style or best goes with her ring set. Here are some tips to help you out in making a decision.

Bridal Wedding Rings

Traditionally the wedding ring is worn closest to the heart and the engagement ring over the wedding ring, on the same finger. If you are keen to carry further this tradition, consider how the rings can fit together.

Perfect Match – Some rings are crafted to fit each other, side-by-side. Several women love the symmetry of the matching rings, with diamonds of the same shape and size, or the same sort of metal.

Unique Combination – A bride may choose a ring other than the ring crafted to match her engagement ring. The unique look thus created is getting popular these days. You can go through the wide range of designs in the jewelers’ collections.

Bridal Diamond Rings – A prong setting lets more light into the diamond to reflect maximum brilliance. A channel setting safeguards diamonds from scratches and provides a smooth look. A three-stone diamond ring signifies your past, present and future.

Bridal Gemstone Rings – Whether it is fiery, subtle or velvety, a gemstone ring beautifully complements your engagement ring. A number of Blue Nile gemstone rings are designed with birthstones to add to personal significance.

Bridal Platinum and Gold Rings – The classic wedding bands in gold and platinum last forever. There is a range of width available from which you can choose to complement your persona and style.

Groom’s Wedding Rings

Unlike in the past, today men can choose from among the wider range of wedding rings than ever. Some couples prefer to choose rings which match each other’s wedding rings. A wide range of widths, unique detailing, accent diamonds or brushed surfaces are available today to suit your own style.

Gold and Platinum Rings – Plain metal bands are the most popular among men’s wedding rings. For an element of pattern, you can choose a ring having a subtle design.

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