Photo Booth Hire – A Worthwhile Expense for Your Big Day

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photo booth hireWhile considering hiring a photo booth for the entertainment of your guests on your big day, you actually choose amongst two options. First is the traditional photo booth – almost similar to the one where we can have our headshots for passport photos etc – and the second is a specialized area with nice lighting and a scenic backdrop to get high quality images.

Let’s talk about the first option, which is the actual photo booth. Before a decade, you would have hardly found a photo booth at a wedding reception. It was a rare thing to hear. However, today people’s attitude has changed towards hiring a photo booth and photo booths have become a familiar sight at most wedding receptions and other events.

Photo Booth Hire

First thing you should remember that photo booth hire is not the cheapest thing to do for your big day. Among the grand plan of things and when you consider everything you pay for to host a wedding – the bridal and bridesmaids’ dresses, suits, venue, food, etc –  it is not really a very big expense above everything else. You can get discounted booth hires from certain companies for events like weddings; however, it is perhaps the best thing to use a high quality and reputable company.

It is a good idea to search on Google about how other people find photo booths and what have they recommended. Take a keen look at the feedback of other people and read reviews on various photo booth rental companies. Most probably you will be hiring a photo booth for the first time, unless you haven’t done the job for your friends or relatives. So, you are not aware of the details you should check while hiring a booth. In such a case, reading these reviews is important to get a clear idea about your own requirements and find the best place to get them.

Themed Photo Booths

Once you know where to hire a photo booth which will fulfill your needs, the next thing to understand is the kinds of booth you can get.

Photo booths are not just standard and you can choose one according to the theme of your wedding. Also it is important to decide how formal you want it. If your wedding and reception are in the same venue, you may want the booth quite formal regarding the backdrop scenery and images. Some booths present quite plain backgrounds, while some others with newer models can superimpose images according to your wedding theme. E.g. if you are having a themed autumn wedding with lots of browns and oranges, they can be arranged as the backdrop for your themed images.

If you arrange your reception in a different venue than the wedding ceremony, you can have a slightly more informal affair. This is a perfect chance for light-hearted, funny images and you can have a much relaxed atmosphere in the booth, as your actual wedding images have been taken most probably during and right after the ceremony.

Printing and Sharing

Today when most of us have high quality digital cameras on our smartphones, taking images at a wedding and then sharing them instantly on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter has become a lot easier. Many new booths have this sort of feature inbuilt where you can upload your images pretty instantly and post them on your social media account.

The latest trend is to create a guestbook with the photo booth and this idea is just taking off, though these booths are used for plenty of times at weddings. Basically it involves your guests taking group photos (or even individual images if they want) in the booth and then writing a personal message on each one. Later this is made into a guestbook for the wedding couple and serves as a great memento for the entire day.

Also the booth images are stored in CDs so that the couple can get their copy with their photo booth hire (and anyone else too who wants one). This is of course a perfect way to share and treasure all the photos taken throughout the day.

Photo Booth – An Entertainment

While considering the choices for entertainment for your big day, you might consider orchestras, DJs, magician or other entertainment options. But photo booth is also a type of entertainment. Guests are highly amused with a photo booth, because they can generate high quality images of themselves and their friends without requiring to take out their smartphones or using their own cameras. So, though photo booth hire is not the cheapest option, it is well worth eventually and this is the reason why it has become so popular.

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