Picking the Right Date for Your Wedding

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

picking the wedding dateWhile your big day is the dreamiest day of your life, finding the right date for it can be the most daunting task. It is connected with finding you, your partner and other important members of wedding party free on that day, as well as finding a good venue, vendors and everything available. Well, if you work on it systematically it is not that difficult. Let’s see how you can consider things one-by-one to solve the puzzle of picking the date for your wedding.


Perhaps the prior thing you should consider for your wedding date is the season in which you wish to get married. Do you want the grandeur of spring, or the warmth of summer, the comfort of fall or a fairytale winter wedding? It might also depend to some extent on your profession. E.g. if you are a teacher, you might prefer a summer wedding, summer being a restful holiday for you, while if you are a tax consultant, spring is out of question.

Which Day to Choose?

Are you sure you want a Saturday or you are more towards saving money by choosing a Sunday or a weekday? If most of your wedding guests are in the town and not coming from outside, a weekday too might be okay. And that will avail you the benefit of discounts at premium venues and vendors.

Can Any Special Occasion be Coincided?

Many couples love the idea of getting married on special occasions like the Valentine’s Day (14th February) or the Sweetest Day (18th October). But there can be many such occasions which are special for you. You can get married on the anniversary of the date on which you first met, or can honor your parents or grandparents by getting married on their wedding date. Or you can choose the birthday of you or your partner.

Your Date of Engagement

Ideally a year is pretty good time to plan for wedding, without being stressed out. Some people think that spending a full year is not required and is torturous. It is definitely possible to have a very short engagement or a very long one.

Avoid Certain Dates

As you want certain dates as your wedding dates, you also should avoid certain other dates, like Super Bowl Sunday or some important religious holiday. Your guests should attend your wedding happily and not resentfully or secretly more interested in the big game.

Confirm with Your Desired Venues and Vendors

If you want to get married in your favorite church, or want your reception to be in the most beautiful hall in the town, confirm that they are available on the date. So is the case with your desired vendors, like photographers, caterers and others.