Posing Etiquettes for the Most Fabulous Photos on Your Most Fabulous Day

Posted by on Dec 11, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

wedding photosYour big day should be amazing and all the amazement should be remembered again and again through your wedding photos. If you have planned informal wedding photography and has instructed so to your photographer you must know and practice a little about how to pose for the camera on your big day. Don’t invite embarrassment and ridicule for the rest of your life when you watch your wedding album. Here I recommend you to check out the wedding photos taken by the professional photographer Bratislava, Nina Bednarikova. They are amazing and bizarre, but the bride looks beautiful in each of them. Here are some outstanding wedding photo posing etiquettes.

Right Angle

Even if you are an obedient bride who will listen to each and every instruction of your photographer it doesn’t harm to understand the details of which angles of photos will be the most flattering for a bride. For example for your portrait, the camera should better be at your eye level or above rather than at a low vantage point, to avoid the terrible double-chin effect. If you are not very tall but wish to look so, don’t choose to stand by taller people or objects.

Find the Most Flattering Light

To minimize imperfections in you if there are any, find soft light to pose before camera. Bright light clearly and cruelly shows all your flaws, so avoid it when you are before camera.

Find Your Better Side

Pro photographers say that we all have a better side. If you know it, your wedding photos will have a dramatic change. Take a few selfies from different sides, courtesy to your camera phone, and try to find which is the best.

Hand-on-Hip – A Sexiest Pose

People have recently discovered a magical pose – hand-on-hip! Professional wedding photographers note that a woman looks slim, beautiful and sexy in this pose. For this, you can stretch your one leg out ahead, pivot and fix the corresponding hand on hip. Result? A long, diagonal, beautiful line that attracts eyes of viewers. But make it a point to look natural and not strained. Maybe a glass or two of wine may make you relaxed during the reception and try it after that!

hand on hip

Know and Practice to Sit Pretty

If you want to look truly feminine in your photos, remember that your sitting style matters a lot. Legs crossing at the ankles and shoulders and arms pulled inwards make you look slimmer and attract more interest to the vertical emphasis.

If you keep these points in mind while posing on your big day, you will have the most fabulous photos on the most fabulous day of your life.