Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Cake

Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

Wedding day is so important day in your life and you surely want everything to be perfect. If you are a bride-to-be, you have probably spent so much energy and time to find the perfect wedding dress. When it comes to wedding cake, keep in mind that it is the centerpiece of your wedding reception and therefore you should take as much care in picking out the perfect one. So, what are the questions you should ask your cake baker before booking a wedding cake?

Does the baker customize wedding cake? This is important question, because you have to know whether you will be able to get a custom wedding cake or there are set styles to pick out from. Take a look at photographs and actual cakes, if there is such possibility. In case they do customize wedding cake, bring pictures and other resources to explain what custom style you have got in mind.

What are your filling choices? Ask your baker what are available filling choices and what ingredients will be used.

How far in advance will your wedding cake be prepared? Wedding cake bakers, if they are popular and successful, usually have more wedding cakes per weekend to prepare. So, it is possible that your cake has to be made three, four days prior the event. Anyhow, the closer to the date of your wedding, the better.

What is the price and is top tier included in the price? Commonly, wedding cakes are priced by the slice and it depends on the fillings and flavors you choose. This rule applies to customized cakes as well. Some bakers do not include top tier in overall price and some do. Ask it prior booking the cake in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and hidden costs.

How delivers are handled? Some bakers deliver wedding cake to the reception, while some of them leave delivery up to you. The delivery is really important, especially if you order a complicated, delicate and large wedding cake.

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