Saxophone in Wedding – An Exclusive and Versatile Wedding Music Choice

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saxophone in weddingWhen you think of music for your wedding, do you imagine the melodious music of saxophone? If yes, why not keep a fabulous saxophone performance for your wedding? An ocean of soft sax notes or the roughness of rock & roll times, probably supergroups like Pink Floyd or Supertramp or the rich smoothness of Kenny G – a sax is loved by everyone! But a live sax player for your wedding is something exclusive because most couples think of wedding music as a DJ or band for their reception. Take a look at an exquisite saxophonist in Zurich which will amaze you.

There are basically 4 main kinds of sax, which range from the lowest to the highest pitch. These are Soprano (played by Kenny G mostly), Alto (Careless Whisper), next a little larger and with deeper sound Tenor (like in the Pink Panther theme) and lastly the largest Bariotone (like in The Simpsons by Lisa). For weddings and other occasions, the most preferred saxes are Alto and Tenor because they give a more subdued elegant tone which perfectly works as background music for the happy yet solemn event. An additional alternative is clarinet for Ballads and jazz numbers.

wedding saxophone

Though the saxophone can emit a tune loudly if required, it is also capable of playing more peaceful than other classical options like harp, guitar, piano or string quartet. Several songs have a saxophone in the original, and so, playing the song fully on sax sounds nice. E.g. a soft background music containing a number of Bond themes can eventually be transformed into party music easily with a sax which can evoke your guests to dance in the aisles. Thus saxophone can present both – elegant soft music and something very upbeat. So, if you want a nice combo of both these music types there is no better option than a saxophone.

Where will a Saxophonist Play in the Wedding?

There are many moments and locations where a saxophonist can offer beautiful musical atmosphere in your wedding. For example, if you are tying the knot in a church, you can have him playing your favorite tunes as you walk down the aisle, while you sign the register and also when you leave the church as husband and wife.

sax while walking-down-the-aisle

During your reception, a variety of music can be presented by your saxophonist in the background with the arrival of your guests and while awaiting for breakfast as well as during the meal something subtle apt for the moments when you are awaiting your evening entertainment, during the party and also perhaps alternating with disco or band.

Saxophone for wedding

It is also wonderful to hear ballad anthems on saxophone. So, you can also choose your most favorite ballad for an emotional father-daughter or mother-son dance!

What to Look for in a Saxophonist?

  • The capability of performing all genres and types of songs particularly if you need a blend of racks all through the day
  • Testimonials and recommendations – has he good reviews?
  • Can you witness their live performance?
  • Can they show you a comprehensive song list?

If you consider these points, your big day will be full of heavenly music by a great saxophonist which will take you and your guests in an unending world of pleasure and delight.

during the dance